EXCLUSIVE: Tinye Fate In M7 Hands


viagra here geneva;”>Museveni’s strategists on May 7 advised in an intelligence briefing that Tinyefuza should be arrested, for sale arraigned before the Court Martial and charged with insubordination, spreading harmful propaganda and speaking to the media without authority.

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The President was informed that leaving Tinyefuza off the hook would encourage indiscipline, divisions and tension in the army.

Museveni is expected in Uganda today Thursday after a working trip to London where he attended the International Conference on Somalia.

“We are waiting for the president to decide on how we can proceed with Tinyefuza. While he has been a man of controversy right from the bush war in the early 1980s, he has this time crossed the “red line” by attacking his seniors and sharing confidential correspondences with the media,” said a source.

Speaking to Chimpreports on Thursday, army spokesperson said the army disproves of Tinyefuza’s conduct.

“The army has been investigating Gen Tinyefuza’s conduct for some time. We shall soon decide on the way forward,” said Ankunda.

Tinyefuza touched off a storm in the army when he told Daily Monitor in a report published on May 7 that through the Director General Internal Security Organization (DGISO) he delivered a message to President Yoweri Museveni in which he highlighted Intelligence concerns about likely consequences of what the public has dubbed the “Muhoozi project”.

In the document, Tinyefuza states the issue is becoming “divisive and creating fertile ground for causing intrigue” especially in the UPDF.

The General further said the so called “Mbuya Barracks attack” was conducted by some senior officers in the UPDF.

Ankunda further noted that Tinyefuza was holed up in United Kingdom.

“But we expect him to be in the country by the end of this week. He will be around,” affirmed Ankunda, contrary to reports that he had fled.

Sources say Tinyefuza left the country last month for medical consultation at a UK hospital.

Tinye’s woes

CDF Gen Aronda Nyakairima on Tuesday warned Tinyefuza of serious consequences for alleging that preparing Brig Muhoozi Keinerugaba for presidency is dangerous for the army.

In statement Gen Aronda further noted that Tinyefuza was “out of order” and his statements aimed at “tarnishing the good image of the UPDF.”

“I wish to point out that obviously with such a statement the author is operating outside the law, and his statements create the impression that the army is not cohesive which is totally false,” said Aronda.

Aronda said as the Chief of Defence Forces of the UPDF, he was not aware of such concerns and “neither does the Intelligence Community.”

He added: “The statement therefore is not only false but misleading. First of all it is out of procedure for the Coordinator of Intelligence to communicate to his appointing authority who is the President and Commander-In-Chief through his subordinate.”

“Given that Gen Sejusa is a serving officer of the UPDF he should be aware that all officers and militants of UPDF are subject to military law,” warned Aronda, adding, “They are also bound to be faithful to and bear true allegiance to the President by virtue of the Oath of Allegiance they take which is in the Fifth Schedule to the UPDF Act.”

Aronda maintained Tinyefuza’s statement therefore not only contravened the law but also contradicted that of President issued to the media earlier.

“The code of conduct as clearly stated in the UPDF Act of 2005 requires proper authorization before a member of the Defence Forces makes public statements to journalists. That authorization must always be expressly sought and obtained and cannot be implied from any circumstances,” cautioned the CDF.

He said “some officers like Gen Sejusa have on different occasions given a wrong impression to the general public that they are exempted from seeking authorization before making public statements,” insisting, “This is wrong.”

Aronda made it clear that the General being a senior member of the UPDF should have sought to address his concerns in the “right forum” including the High Command to which he is a member.

“The UPDF takes exception to the fact that the spirit of the General ‘s letter simply champions the agenda of the radical and anarchic political opposition hence rendering him partisan contrary to Article 208 of the Constitution of Uganda,” warned Aronda.


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