Museveni Concludes UK Tour


sildenafil there geneva; color: #37404e;”>On May 6, remedy Museveni, sick who was accompanied by the First Lady and Minister for Karamoja affairs, toured Norbrook facilities in Newry – Northern Ireland, a British pharmaceuticals company and a global leader in the development of Veterinary and Animal Health Medicines.

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He held discussions with Norbrook to devise ways to sustainably handle tick resistance to acaracides in Uganda.

He also unveiled a plaque to officially open Norbrook’s Carnbane facility that packages all finished products for distribution throughout the world and urged them to set up a factory in Uganda. Norbrook is currently the leading supplier of acaricides in Uganda.

Resistance to a given acaracide or insecticide can be described as a reduction in susceptibility of a parasite to the acaracide or insecticide when it is used at the recommended concentration and according to all of the recommendations for its use.

Some of the effects of Tick infestation include blood loss, Hide/Udder damage, loss in milk yield, serious debility, morbidity and mortality, and tick-borne diseases.

East Coast Fever (ECF) is characterised by swollen lymphnodes, fever, laboured breathing, salivation and loss of appetite. In Africa Rhipicephalus appendiculutus is the most common tick affecting cattle, a major rector for transmission of ECF. ECF is currently the most common disease in Uganda.

According to Norbrook’s three-year old statistics, East Coast Fever is responsible for 1.1 m deaths every year costing the industry $168m in Africa.

President Museveni’s script on income generation that targets more than Shs 20 m for every homestead per annum includes keeping cattle.

He has been seen traversing the country urging Ugandans on proper utilisation of land for production and keeping cows.

Museveni maintains emerging tick resistance to acaracides must, therefore, be eliminated.

According to Museveni’s Special Communications Assistant, Sarah Kagingo, the President recently sponsored a group of Ugandan scientists to Northern Ireland, an extensive farming area and specifically Norbrook to study benchmarks in eliminating tick resistance and apply the innovations to Uganda.

On May 7, President Museveni addressed the International Conference on Somalia in London where he called for more training of Somalia troops to combat the Al Shabaab remnants.

Later in the afternoon he met officials of the Deutsche Bank, a leading global investment Bank in Europe, North America and Asia.

President Museveni explained his Government’s plan for road infrastructural development and urged the bank to provide financing on good terms. He said that while Uganda has some money, the country needs a total budget of $ 1.5bn for 19 roads.


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