Terrorism: Muslim Leaders, Gov’t Lock Horns Over “Madarasa Schools”


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prostate geneva;”>In the dialogue meeting held on Wednesday at Hotel Africana, Imam for Parliament and Kawempe North MP. Hon Latif Ssebaggala Sengendo noted: “Madarasa schools are like other schools but the difference is that they do a lot of grooming of children with a good Islamic background.”

This came after Police arrested Muslim clerics over terrorism-related cases last month.

Detectives on March 21 cordoned off Kasokoso Mosque in Kireka, a Kampala suburb, where Imam Issa Sekalo was reportedly training minors on “fighting for the Muslim religion till death.”

However, Ssebaggala denies allegations that the schools were used to train terrorists, noting that the education institutions have been embraced by most African countries.

Haji Nsereko Mutumba, spokesperson Uganda Moslem Supreme Council revealed that these schools started in Uganda in 1930 in an informal manner where people were taught about their religion. “However, a formal type has been set up and very many students have benefitted.”

He further asked government to allow Moslems to be taught Islam as they can allow Christians to be taught in confirmation and catechism classes.

Dr. Muhaamed Kiggundu,a lecturer in Makerere University advised the government to have control over the Madaras schools through obtaining data from the Uganda Muslim Education Association, an organization in charge of registering them to avoid train terrorists as well as obtaining a quick data base for financing these schools.

The senior Superintendent of Police, Emirian Kayima thanked the Muslims for their diplomatic way of handling of issues.

He remarked: “The schools closed in Mukono and Nabweru trained children under poor conditions and were not registered and as the constitution indicates, it is the duty of the police it had to close them.”

He furthermore cautioned the Muslims that police is not against the Islamic religion but is a force which was put in place to keep laws.

He also advised all the stake holders to carry out their roles in a right forum to avoid violence.


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