Audit Report Exposes Rot At Makerere Computing College


cheapest geneva;”>The University Management on April 3 kicked off a comprehensive internal audit following reports that space at the college was being underutilized.

The audit further reviewed management of staff allowances, existence of computer equipment and management and utilization of short courses’ funds.

It has emerged the College Dean, Josephine Nabukenya, had earlier alleged that some staff members were stealing computers from the facility to benefit UTAMU, a private University formed recently by Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba.

Until last year, Baryamureeba was Makerere’s Vice Chancellor and founding member of the ICT faculty which later metamorphosed into the College of Computing and Information Sciences (COCIS).

It was also said a headcount of staff by the Directorate of Human Resources was taking place without any knowledge of the management of the college.

During the investigation, the auditors cite a letter from outgoing Acting Principal, Prof Ikoja to consultant Dr Joseph Kasumba Ssewanyana, in which the former notes: “I am new here but within the short time I have been in, I see agony in some individuals and displeasure in others.”

Ssewanyana, who later carried out research on the crisis at the institution, reported: “It is true that there is conflict within CIT and if a quick intervention is not identified, the school is moving towards disintegration. Staffs have lost morale and some are looking for opportunities to move out.”

The consultant added: “Departments are failing to function as expected. There is no team work in the school – there is lack of direction on the school.”

According to the audit report which Chimpreports has seen, the consultants proposed several options of addressing the conflict but noted that “further discussion revealed that the team building could not work as the initial step as the main problem was with the personality of the Dean (Josephine Nabukenya).”

Neither Nabukenya nor Makerere publicist Ritah Namisango was readily available for comment.

The revelations could pile pressure on Nabukenya and also raise queries about her ability to lead the institution to greater heights following the exit of Prof. Baryamureeba and senior dons.

Auditors said the problem of conflicts, cliques, favoritism and reduced staff morale can result in poor performance, poor team work and dented public image.

They further noted that relying on rumours may encourage conflict, favouritism and taking un-informed decisions. For example it was discovered computers had not been stolen from the College to benefit UTAMU.

It was also observed that the College stands the risk of a management vacuum due to staff resigning from management responsibilities.

“This may result in un-prepared persons taking over responsibilities they may not be fit to perform.”

Some of the top dons who have quit the College include Dr Jude Lubega (Head IT), Dr John Ngubiri (Deputy Principal), Dr Florence Tushabe (Head Computer Science), Dr Rehema Baguma (Head Information Systems), Dr Joseph Balikudembe (Head of Department networks) and Dr Maiga.

Others include Michael Niyitegeka and Drake Mirembe.


Nabukenya is also under fire over the breakdown of ICT equipment. From the physical inspection carried out in stores, labs and offices, 648 system Units out of 1222 were not working.

This put a strain to the remaining 547 computers which are likely to have frequent breakdown due to over use and old age.

The audit report indicates the conditions under which the computers are being used have contributed to their breakdown.

Most of the places where the computers are used have no air conditioners especially labs and thus affected by dust and heat.

There has not been any disposal for a long time thus accumulating many old computer equipments in the stores.

There are 648 CPUS, 696 Monitors scattered in the roof tops /stores of Block A and B.

It emerged that in March 2012 the acting principal wrote to the Procurement Manager recommending disposal of obsolete items but to date no action has been taken.

While verifying computer equipment, it was observed that there were redundant new chairs in the CIT store which could have been utilized well.

The general environment of CIT was also inspected, with auditors discovering that the lift in Block B has never been installed yet there are many facilities beyond 4th floor which makes accessing higher levels of building difficult.

“The toilet facilities were not well maintained with some of them closed because of broken components,” the report noted, adding, “in addition they were dirty with stench smell noticeable in the corridors.”

This raises fresh worries about the safety of thousands of students who use the dilapidated toilet facilities.

The auditors say “general cleanliness of the College was not well attended to which posed potential negative image and health hazards.”

Block A had creeping plants growing on some parts of the building reflecting inadequate attention to the infrastructure.

Auditors also found broken chairs, tables, old equipment parts in corridors and DICTS offices. In the main store, there are so many old equipments that ought to be disposed off as such they are occupying and congesting the space.


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