Uganda Government Refuses To Foot New Cranes Coach Pay


erectile geneva;”>This development comes after cries by Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) that the government should foot the bills for the Cranes coach and team according to Mtnfootball

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“They are now trying to get another coach after Bobby Williamson was sacked. If we are never involved in the recruitment process and their technicalities, how do we simply come in to pay for the coach?” said the Sports Minister.

Bakkabulindi explained that there are many procedures that FUFA must follow and also know that things in government don’t just happen that quickly.

“The national team represents the whole country and we should all be involved, but we must have certain guidelines and aspects in place before government can start taking the responsibility of paying the Coach,” Bakkabulindi said.

FUFA terminated Williamson’s contract last month, although they are yet to pay him off for the three months in lieu.

Already countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Sudan have their national team coaches fully catered for by their respective governments.

Uganda’s national football team is in different the category and is not catered for by the government, although occasionally the State comes in to help when FUFA is financially struggling.


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