Somalia Car Bomb Kills 5


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sildenafil geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>Somali officials said the heinous incident occurred when a suspected suicide bomber attempted to ram a car fitted with explosives into a tightly-guarded convoy escorting delegates from Qatar.

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However, other media reports put the death toll at 11.

Gen. Garad Nor Abdulle, a high ranking security official told press none of the Qataris was harmed in the attack, adding they safely reached their hotel.

The attack comes hardly a month when suicide bombers stormed the Supreme Court of Somalia, killing several people.

The terrorist group, Al Shabaab, is suspected to have masterminded the Sunday attack.

Security remains tight in Mogadishu.

Officials say the defeated Al Shabaab are now in disarray and have resorted to terrorism activities in the Capital.


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