KCCA Forbids Displaying Goods Outside Shops


recipe geneva;”>According to Peter Kaujju, what is ed Public Relations Officer, KCCA, it’s against the law to sell goods outside the shops and the authority has already put up a re-enforcement team to look for these traders.

“The authority has been issuing warning letters to the traders about this but it seems nothing has changed,” he added.

The most displayed commodities are ladies dresses, shoes, hand bags, jewelers, t-shirts, among others.

Kaujju further remarked that when a peaceful way fails, the traders will be taken to courts of law.

Traders on Twese Plaza and those in Kikuubo, Kampala are known for displaying their goods outside shops but when our chimp corp talked to them, they were not happy with the authority’s decision.

They noted that this is one way of limiting the traders to make money since it is one way of attracting customers.

Other traders has requested the Executive Director KCCA, Jennifer Musisi to give them some time until they become ready for this and they promised to obey and respond positively.


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