Mutula Burial Preparations In High Gear


cialis 40mg geneva;”>The two bodies will alternate as pall bearers according to Family spokesman Musyoki Kivindyo as requested, viagra to bid farewell to their departed colleague.

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“The Senior Counsel and the Senators will play a role. One group could carry the body to the Church service and then the other will handle the burial site so there will be coordination,” he said.

Meanwhile his peers both in senate and legal arena have continued to laud the brevity of Mutula Kilonzo both as a senior Counsel and a Member of the Senate where they termed him as a man who was dedicated in his work and stood by his words.

The Senators, who were led by Speaker Ekwe Ethuro to his Rosslyn home, said his works would not be forgotten adding that they had set up a committee to help the family with burial arrangements.

“We will be there for the Church service and for the funeral where we will play a very active role. We just want to console the family,” said Ethuro.

Mutula once served as the LSK chairman between 1982 and 1984 and as a sign of honour the body has agreed through its Chief Executive Officer Apollo Mboya that the Senior Counsel dress code at the requiem mass adding that they would purchase a wreath to be laid at the burial.

“They will all wear the professional white Advocate Collars with Black Robes during the church service. The LSK Chairman will make remarks before inviting former Attorney General and Chairman of the Counsel Amos Wako to read a message,” Mboya said.

Mutula will be laid to rest on May 9 at either his Ranch in Machakos County or his ancestral home in Mbooni constituency in Makueni.

As of now the family of the late Senator is in dispute over where the remains shall be buried.

The post-Mortem was conducted on Tuesday afternoon and Kenyans have to wait for close to 10 weeks to have the final findings on what could have caused the death of the senator on April 27.


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