Reform Party Calls For Special Coalition

about it http://consultants-lactation.org/wp-includes/class-wp-admin-bar.php geneva;”>As he addressed the press on Thursday, order Chairman Reform Party, and Robert Ndomugyenyi, noted that no single political party in Uganda that can dislodge the NRM government and President Museveni on its own given the great executive powers vested in him.

Ndyomugyenyi asserted that Uganda is the only country in East Africa where the president has powers to appoint all state agencies including the Electoral Commission which makes it harder for him to be dislodged.

“Opposition parties should throw down their egocentric tendencies that make them think they are bigger than other parties and unite,” he said.

He added: “No party is older and stronger than others. Therefore, they should stop looking at themselves as the alpha and the omega because all parties were required to newly register after the incorporation of the multiparty system of governance.”

Ndyomugyenyi called on all the opposition parties to move together with a focused vision to achieve political powers over the NRM regime.

He noted that this special coalition should aim at restoration of presidential term limits, establish an independent EC and change of Article 98 which gives all powers to the president to appoint the executive.

“Big opposition parties think they are the only opposition political parties in the country. This pride should end and stop being deceived that they can manage to dislodge Museveni without a joint force.”

This has come at a time when the ‘Big’ opposition parties are holding conversations in which they are planning to boycott the 2016 general elections if an independent EC is not put in place.

Democratic Party president early this week revealed that the conversations are however involved by a reasonable mass of non-politicians and are soon announcing their final decisions by July this year.


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