Ugandan Traders Tighten Belts As Taxes Bite

approved geneva;”>Everest Kayondo, store Chairman Kampala City Traders Association (KACITA) noted that traders are concerned that this year’s financial budget might not favor them. Especially, mind if it increases taxes of goods since the country is in the period where the donors have cut off their aid.

He said this as he addressed traders and taxi operators in Kampala on Wednesday.

He requested that the high interest rates imposed on traders during the time of borrowing be reduced in this financial budget.

“High interest rates forces traders to reduce on the borrowing which sabotages trade,” added Kayondo.

Mubarak Kalungi, Publicity Secretary Kisekka Market in Kampala, requested the government to reduce on the licenses put on traders in this coming budget.

He noted that some of the traders are forced to leave business due to high licenses imposed on them per year because they cannot afford to pay for them and end up being closed down by KCCA officials.

Kalungi further demanded government to reduce on the prices for basic needs like sugar, water, fuel that is kerosene, diesel and petrol noting that people in rural areas find it hard to buy paraffin for home use.

He also requested for reduction in the electricity costs since it is used it do a lot of things like in hospitals, industries among others.

Other people who spoke to our chimp corp demanded for increment of teachers and doctors’ salaries, provision of health services like medicine and other equipment in hospitals in order to improve on the health sector in the financial year 2013-2014.

Meanwhile, taxi drivers have requested government to make fuel prices stable this year because when it changes it leads to an increase in the transport fares.

They asserted that more infrastructural development is needed citing out roads development and rehabilitation which affects their work so much.

Sarah Kulabako, a primary teacher called upon government to improve on the working conditions of the workers.

“Government should put up a minimum wage to the workers to avoid being exploited by their bosses,” she noted.


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