Kagonyera, Makerere Staff In Appointments Row

information pills geneva;”>The University dons led by former MUASA Chairperson, Dr. Tanga Odoi, accuse Mondo of dumping his ceremonial role and “attempting to drag the university under his armpit, deciding on every little course of action to be taken.”

The fracas emanated from Kagonyera’s alleged deliberate delay to sign appointment documents forwarded to him by senate as the final list of college principals, of which the dons claim was because they did not include his own favorites.

“We have a situation where the Chancellor wants to turn into an appointing and search committee,” said Dr. Tanga in an interview with Chimpreports.

The guiding procedure is spelt out in the college statute that “The University Council shall recommend to the Chancellor one candidate from among the three candidates forwarded to the senate for appointment as Principal.”

However, according to Dr. Tanga, Prof Mondo instead refused to append his signature and sent back the documents asking senate to send him the three names from each college from which he himself would make a pick.

“We went through a hectic election to get substantive principals for our colleges as defined by the College Act and it so happened that some candidates who are bed fellows with chancellor lost,” noted Dr Tanga.

“This was something that Mondo didn’t want to hear and thus the university is being held at ransom by this one person,” he added.

In the meantime, the office terms of acting principals have been ultimately over extended, something that lecturers say has frustrated their work.

“This is an anomaly; a total cause of discomfort to us,” said one Dr. Saul Nsubuga in a heated staff meeting.

Describing Mondo’s actions as driven by ego, Dr. Nsubuga added: “The Chancellor is gradually becoming a pseudo dictator to this university. He pretends to understand the laws better that everybody else, forgetting that Makerere has a law school and a good bunch of law trainers.”

“We respect his ceremonial duties as Chancellor, to append signatures and leave the rest to appropriate authorities. If he is ready to despise the laws that govern this institution, we are ready to take him on in the courts of law, and have him resign because he is the reason he is up there,” added Dr. Nsubuga.

However, when contacted on this matter, the current MUASA Chairperson Prof. Muhammad Kigundu who has been behind the pushing for the chancellor’s signatures, said that latest efforts were showing signs of success.

“We are expecting those papers signed in only a couple of weeks’ time,” he noted.


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