Outrage As Mao Labels Besigye’s Men “Dogs”


ambulance case http://cs4all.nyc/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-comments-list-table.php geneva;”>Hundreds of FDC supporters and online users fired back at the party leader, http://cprescue.com/wp-admin/includes/class-bulk-theme-upgrader-skin.php with many labeling him President Yoweri Museveni’s “political condom.”

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Others said he was a “spent force,” “failure,” and “good-for-nothing.”

Mao on Tuesday morning posted on his official Facebook page: “For those who wonder why I criticized Col. Besigye, the answer is simple. I prefer to deal with dog owners rather than dogs. Why should I spend time on the attack dogs when I know the dog owner?”

Many understood the post as referring to FDC party officials who have for years been under the leadership of Col Besigye.

Mao has for long blasted Besigye at press conferences in Kampala, accusing him of betraying the walk-to-work cause.

Chimp analysts say by attacking Besigye, Mao is trying to divert attention on the internal wrangles and turmoil in DP, an unsustainable project that could expedite the DP leader’s downfall.

Mao’s leadership credentials were on the spot last month when the UYD leadership split into two.

Under fire for spending the better part of his time “in conferences abroad” instead of invigorating collapsing grassroots party structures, Mao connived with Police to cause the arrest of dissenting DP officials including MP Brenda Nabukenya.


Winter Ricky-Darrenz Sober responded to Mao: “Mr. Nobert Mao you’re a dog & ahalf! An ugly black one at that! Nonsense! How can you refer to your fellow human as a dog? I can see you doing well being Museveni’s political condom which he’ll throw awat after using! Useless nincompoop that couldn’t even make a mere 5% in a national election but He has the audacity to open his beak and call another a dog! Nonsense!”

Kasule Micheal has no kind words for Mao: “All great liberators don’t stay in their offices and talk useless words about people taking action. Mr MAO tell me,

Martin Luther, Nelson Mandela, Malcom X, Nyerere Mwalimu, Kenyatta, even Museveni himself took action to change a situation. MAO do you think criticizing Besigye will vote you into power? Clean your own backyard before you clean your neighbour’s. Please think twice before you use the dog language in public. That was not called for.”

Elvis Katongole expressed his rage: “But Mr Mao should not waste our time, his bed is in statehouse. If Dr. Besigye refused 2 give you money during walk 2 work, you should not turn guns to him.”

He added: “What if we also turn our guns to you, will you last for a month? Wake up from your myopic thinking. You are already a failure who can’t even contest for LC 1.”


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