War Is Imminent In DRC

information pills geneva;”>The UN manipulated by France and US, pilule believes that “peace” will be enforced in this war-torn region through more violence, destruction of life and property and the displacement of the population of Kivu Provinces.

War and the resulting hell is about to break out in North and South Kivu and Maniema Provinces as the United Nations Secretary General is bent on unleashing war on the people of East Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), all in the name of supporting the corrupt regime of President Joseph Kabila and FARDC (the DRC national army) that specializes in raping and brutalizing the citizens of the DRC.

The UN, through its so called ‘enforcement’ brigade comprised of South African and Tanzanian forces with French military personnel as part of the team, are set to help the brutal army of Joseph Kabila to gain control over East DRC and install a reign of rape and terror over the population. FARDC was confirmed by UN to have raped 126 women in Minova in November 2012 and was recently involved in another raping spree in Manono territory, Katanga Province but is at the same time supported by the UN’s so called intervention brigade that is supposedly ready to ‘’enforce’’ peace by igniting war in East DRC.

At the present moment, South African forces have taken position 20 meters away from the M23 position in Munigi on the outskirts of Goma. The Tanzanian forces have arrived in Uvira, South Kivu Province and the Tanzanian commander of the troops is in Goma town. Even more sinister is the presence of 30 French military personnel in The Linda Hotel in Goma. Operation Turquoise of 1994 Rwanda is set to be recreated in Kivu where the FDLR and other killers like the Mai Mai Nyatura and Janvier Karairi’s APCLS that has on more than one occasion stated their aversion to the Congolese Kinyarwanda speaking people of East DRC, are bound to find sanctuary and support from the French.

The stage is now set and the UN has decided that the people of Kivu provinces deserve more death, destruction and displacement, all in the name of lending support to a corrupt and inefficient regime and an army of rapists. The UN manipulated by France and US, believes that “peace” will be enforced in this war-torn region through more violence, destruction of life and property and the displacement of the population of Kivu Provinces.

The voices of reason like that of President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos who have stated that deployment of foreign forces in Kivu Provinces will not bring peace to the region, have been ignored by those who seek above all else, to go to war with the March 23 (M23) Movement whom they view as a stumbling block to their economic and political interests in East DRC.

The M23 have given all possible effort to the resolution of the conflict through negotiations. They withdrew from Goma, declared a unilateral ceasefire in January 2013 and have since been present in Kampala to participate in the peace process which the DRC Government was never serious to pursue from the onset.

Last Wednesday, the DRC Government delegation abandoned the Kampala peace negotiations and returned to Kinshasa. On seeing this, the M23 delegates also returned to Bunagana the next day.

The UN is now set to ignite another bloody chapter in the lives of the people of North and South Kivu and Maniema provinces of East DRC. The Intervention Brigade, authorised by UN Security Council Resolution 2098 of 1 April 2013, was given the responsibility for neutralizing armed groups, especially the M23 and contribute towards reducing the threat posed by armed groups to state (read Kabila’s) authority and civilian security in Eastern DRC and to make space for stabilization activities.

It has been provided extra teeth in the form of artillery support and special forces, who together with unarmed drones (remotely piloted aircraft) with special day and night observation equipment, will provide situational awareness, the intelligence and information picture which enables the conduct of high impact, intelligence driven and targeted operations to deal with M23 and the other illegal armed groups in the region, which number over 33 at this stage.

M23 political leader Bertrand Bisimwa has within the last month pleaded in vain with South Africa, Malawi and Tanzania not to send their troops to the DRC, In recent media interviews, M Bisimwa has repeatedly stated that the people of the DRC are fed up with war and want to be allowed to live a normal life

Bisimwa has stated that his Movement has gone out of its way to talk peace and not war and that the area under the control of the M23 is peaceful and people are able to go about their businesses without any fear or hindrance. He has warned however that if attacked, the M23 reserves the right to defend itself.


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