Madhvani Foundation Launches 10th Scholarship Scheme


pilule geneva;”>The event also marked the 10 years since the scheme was re-launched in 2003.

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order geneva;”>In his rather touchy speech as guest of honor convened at UMA show ground, Minister of State for Higher Education Hon. Dr. John Chrysostom Muyingo made an account of how the foundation salvaged his life and career at an early secondary school stage.

“Having excelled in my PLE, My father, a poor local head teacher deep down Bamunanika broke the news that he was not in position to pay my secondary school fees, about Shs 150,000 by that time. This was terrific enough to halt my life for good, until someone directed my father to a man in Kampala called Madhivani who was helping out bright kids from humble backgrounds,” narrated Muyingo.

He added that he quickly hopped on the bus and met the bighearted man and came back with the Shs 150,000: “Thanks to the philanthropy, here I am as a minister in charge of Higher Education for this country,” he said to a somberly attentive audience.

Muyingo expressed high gratitude to the Madhvani’s for their generous role in supporting helpless Ugandans to attain an education.

He added that his ministry and government are committed to providing quality education to everybody sighting programs like UPE and UCE, as well as the forth coming students loans scheme which he said would not benefit only university students, but also those joining other higher institutions of learning.

Such and more touching speeches were told by Miriam Dhikusoka, Marketing Manager at International Medical Link, and Jonathan Muwaganya from the office of the DPP, who are pioneer alumni of the 2003 re-launch of the foundation.

They called upon Ugandans to cease stereotyping the Madhvani’s as selfish foreign investors because their contribution is no match to any of the indigenous investors.

The Madhvani Foundation was first launched in the country way back in the 1950’s with individual scholarships being offered to unprivileged Ugandans for higher education at leading schools across the country.

The scheme was later surrendered to be run by government under the ministry of education which instead abused its original essence.

“They ruined the core values of our foundation such that scholarships started benefiting only those with some links and not the needy; and as a result the Madhvani’s lobbied to have it back hence being re launched in 2003,” said Jack Luyombya, a board member of the foundation.

The scholarship scheme has for the last 10 years grown from Shs 300m to Shs 650m annually with only poor and bright students joining second year at universities being illegible applicants.

“Some students join university and are discontinued in the first year for nasty behaviors. We thus work closely with deans to ensure that our sponsored students are capable of completing their course,” noted Ronie Madhvani, the Managing Director of the foundation.

Ronie also emphasized transparency throughout the selection process and decried applicants who send him chits and emails along with application forms expecting some extra favor.

“It’s a transparent and merit based process and beneficiaries are picked from all regions of the country regardless of sex, religion or any sect of affiliation,” he added.


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