Rwanda: Youths Urged To Fight Mother-Baby HIV Transmission

information pills geneva;”>Imbuto Foundation launched a campaign against HIV/AIDS in Huye District, ailment Southern province on April 26, find where the youths were encouraged to actively participate in mobilizing their parents to fight against the HIV/AIDS.

In this campaign, Imbuto Foundation hosted several discussions countrywide.

Anita Ahayo, who is in charge of fighting HIV in Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC), urged the youth to be cautious of their behaviors since they are the future parents of this generation.

“The youths are the future parents; therefore, they have to change their behaviors when it is still early in order to avoid acquiring HIV/AIDS,” she said.

She added: “Sometimes, the test results for partners are not the same, one may be infected and the other not.”

Mrs Ahayo further advised the youths to fight against HIV/AIDS by avoiding having early sex by abstaining or use condoms in case of unplanned sex.

Imbuto Foundation Health Department Director, Mr John Ntigengwa, requested every youth to always follow the doctors’ advice.

“Health centers offer helpful advice, be it to HIV patients, or other people, however, we have realized that many people do not attend to what their doctors tell them,” noted Ntigengwa.

“We need every one to follow each and every advice given by the doctors, because this will be very helpful to all”, he added.

In this campaign, the Mayor of Huye District in charge of Social Affairs, Mrs Christine Niwemugeni urged the youth to be at the forefront in fighting this kind of HIV transmission.

“Can a child be a country pillar with HIV? Impossible! Our children are victims, and what we need from them is seek for self-reliance, that’s why it’s essential for you the youths to be our ambassadors,” urged Niwemugeni.

Imbuto Foundation plans to mobilize the youth all over the country, to fight against HIV/AIDS, as one of its mission in Rwanda.


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