Museveni Urged To Emulate Kenyatta On Cabinet Size


cost http://cupidfemalecondoms.com/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/modules/textarea.php geneva;”>Last week President Uhuru Kenyatta announced that he had reduced the number of ministries in his government from 44 to 18 by merging some ministries.

It’s therefore upon this background that FDC called upon the Ugandan president to emulate his Kenyan counterpart.

While addressing journalists at the party headquarters in Kampala on Monday, Francis Mwijukye a member of the party’s national publicity committee noted that the ministries are so many which has made some to become redundant.

He, however, noted that the NRM government cannot reduce the ministries because it is used as a tool to reward people and regions for their support towards NRM.

“Ministers are not appointed to do any work but rather appointed either to silence them or as a reward for supporting Museveni,” noted Mwijukye.

He further noted that the president is doing work supposed to be done by the ministers. “Ministers say they are redundant and the president says he doesn’t trust them and that’s why he carried the sack of money to Busoga region. This was supposed to be work done by the minister,’’ stressed Mwijukye.

He therefore called for a smaller cabinet so that money that goes for salaries and allowances of the cabinet ministers is used to develop infrastructure in the country.


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