Rwandan Priest Quietly Weds Secret Lover


health geneva;”>Father Lambert Kalinijabo, discount former Rector of College Christ – Roi of Nyanza on Sunday (April 28) wed his secret lover, price Aimee Ntakirutimana at Remera Anglican Church in Kigali.

Kalinijabo reportedly quit priesthood in February before holding a marriage ceremony with Ntakirutimana last Friday.

Kalinijabo was also a priest in Nyanza parish, Butare Diocese in Southern Province of Rwanda.

Shortly after the wedding ceremony, Butare Diocese Bishop, Philippe Rukamba said the incident had “hugely tarnished” the image of the Catholic Church.

“It is a big surprise, and this gives a very bad image to Catholic community. Kalinijabo has set a very dangerous precedent for the Church,” charged Rukamba.

However, the Bishop clarified that it is normal for a priest to resign and “live the life he wants.”

Ntakirutimana works in Bank of Kigali, Bugesera branch.


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