Rwanda Night: Massamba Set To Thrill His Fans


physician http://conceive.ca/wp-content/cache/wp-cache-69401c8020fb33308e20b06ceb83544f.php geneva;”>The ‘Nyeganyega’ singer has promised to perform most of his songs tonight.

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decease http://culinaryschools.org/includes/header-ads%20-%20copy.php geneva;”>Massamba is well known for his traditional Rwanda music which is so inspirational.

Massamba’s songs include; Amatage, Rwagihuta, Mama ndare, Ngwino, Nyeganyega, Iyizire, Arihehe, Ziravumera, Araje, Kigali, Ingendo y’abeza, Wapiye and many more.

Massamba has invited all his fans to Club Rouge where he will be performing live.


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