DP Condemns Poor Working Conditions In Uganda


thumb http://clearlakefestival.ca/wp-includes/feed-rdf.php geneva;”>Speaking to our chimp corp, about it Kakande revealed that workers in the industrial sector are constantly over exploited especially by foreign investors by subjecting them to poor working conditions with a lot of impunity.

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Kakande noted that these workers are subjected to heavy hard work and earn a peanut at the end of the day on top of working under stressful conditions. “For this matter, the government should constitutionalise a minimum wage to be earned by all workers so as to meet the high cost of living in the country,” he suggested.

He asserted that the so called investors make it worse when they import unnecessary labor not considering that the country is already experiencing high levels of unemployment.

Kakande has therefore called upon the government to design a clear standard policy against importation of unnecessary labor by the foreign investors. “If a Ugandan is capable of providing a certain service, it is better to be given the first priority other than importing a foreign,” he added.

He further blamed labor movements who have failed to mobilize and organize workers to fight and demand for their rights. “These labor movements are just an extension of government and are only working under the orders of the state instead of being independent to help workers demand for their rights,” he noted.

He added: “International Labor Day celebrations on May 1, 2013 should be utilized to raise the concerns of workers as far as their rights are concerned.”

Kakande further noted that today very many workers haven’t joined labor unions because their leaders haven’t been on the ground to help laborers in the country.

It should however be remembered that last year, labor movements led by the Secretary General COFTU, Dr. Sam Lyomoki staged up a demonstration at the constitutional square protesting against the deplorable status of workers in Uganda and the failure by the government to value workers.


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