Big League Playoff Ended In Chaos


diagnosis geneva;”>This came-in the 55th minute of the game.

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viagra buy geneva;”>According to rules, Koboko will advance to Saturday finals as Soroti Garage players were part of causing the abandonment and lose the match by forfeiture rule 46 of the Fufa big league.

Though this stands like that, but the committee has to sit first for the final decision about the abandoned game. Decolas Kiiza the competitions committee secretary couldn’t be reached to clarify about the game.

Meanwhile Soana blocked all chances of Mbale heroes rejoining the top flight after defeating them hands down. The game ended 3-0, this means Soana that boasts of experienced players including former Cranes winger Dan Wagaluka who has played in top flight for almost 11 years will have to rest for only Friday as resting day before taking on Koboko (if we are to go by rules) on Saturday at Njeru Technical Center.

Both team (Koboko and Soana) were in the same group (Rwenzori) during round-robin grouped team league.

Koboko FC that is bankrolled by FUFA lawyer Mohamed Bazirengedde is confident and comfortable of overcoming the rock amidst their qualification to the 2013/2014 Fufa super league.

It is said after joining the FUFA super league the team will be renamed Katale FC. The original Koboko was sold to Mohamed Bazirengedde who owns Katale that was playing in Buganda regional league in Katongo group.


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