URU Secretary Resigns


malady geneva;”>Alex who has been the face of the union in all rugby events so far this season, diagnosis has thrown in the towel, viagra order citing lack of cooperation, intrigue, dis-respect, poor governance and politics at play by some officials.

The breaking point appears to be the cancellation of the schools final replay that was supposed to take place last Sunday 21st April at Kyadondo Rugby grounds. The U19 laws are such that there is no extra time if a game ends in a draw, thus after the 3 – 3 stalemate in the final on Sunday 14th; Namilyango College and Hana Mixed School were scheduled to face off again.

This did not come to be as the game was cancelled under unclear circumstances around the eve of the replay. This seems which greatly irked the secretary, whose argument was that all stake holders should have been considered, that is parents, students, fans and the sponsors. Hana even turned up for the replay to no avail while unconfirmed reports indicate Namilyango who have had a dodgy disciplinary record where sternly warned not to play that final

Our investigations reveal that this standoff had Alex Kalimugogo with URU Vice Chairman Ian Walker on one side and Uganda Schools Rugby Association chairman Ronald Mutebi and hitherto AWOL URU chairman William Blick on the other side.

Most of the misunderstanding appears to stem from officials’ lack of participation in Excom meetings and only turning up at the end to reverse decisions. In this instant URU outgoing chairman William Blick seems to be at fault as he appears more on UOC activities but is rarely seen at URU activities.

Word is USRA chairman Mutebi accused URU of failing to prioritize school activities, especially when it came to finances but inside sources reveal that all the times Excom meetings were called, they failed to realise quorum, and most of them saw Sir Ian Walker, Alex Kalimugogo and Jacob Bukenya have to make several financial decisions in order to keep rugby activities going.

Our reliable source says in the week leading to the schools final the secretary called for meetings that had little or no response, so he along with URU VC Ian Walker and Country Manager Jacob Bukenya had to make several decisions on activities that would be taking place soon, like the nationwide league.

This source also reveals that as the cash strapped Union was waiting on the sponsor to clear the invoices, Alex Kalimugogo and Ian Walker put their personal finances at use to make sure the competition runs as planned.

Based on what our investigations reveal, there seems more than meets the eye. To quote part of Alex Kalimugogo’s letter,’’Mr. Mutebi’s insistence to cancel the school final defeated all logic and was intended solely to score political points.

That the cancellation would have been a damnation on upcountry rugby is quite interesting because on Saturday before the aborted school final, Stephen Aguma was over seeing an upcountry school tournament in Mbale for which the union also provided funding.’’

When we contacted Alex Kalimugogo for a comment, he confirmed the rumours pertaining to his resignation as Secretary Uganda Rugby Union, but emphasised that he will continue to support the development of Rugby in Uganda.

How the Schools super 8 final replay is tied in with the lack of funds for the nationwide schools tournament has been baffling to many. USRA’s Ronald Mutebi is no stranger to controversy. More recently was the illegal attempt by him to ensure SMACK(a school where he is the sports tutor) illegally qualify for a semi final ,yet they had not garnered the required group points .

In that instant URU had to intervene and have replays. At the time USRA was exposed as one man run body with Excom members from schools that do not play rugby and the same members were reported to be relatives of the Chairman Ronald Mutebi.



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