Gov’t Told To Brand Agricultural Products

link sickness geneva;”>Mercy Kainobwisho, Manager Intellectual Property at Uganda Registration Services Bureau, said a government policy encouraging creativity would be put in place to help facilitate development of innovations and protection of the innovated items.

“Cotton from Uganda is the best on the market today as is the case with vanilla and simsim, so this can be branded for more incomes,” said Kainobwisho as she addressed a workshop on the Intellectual Property Forum at Hotel Africana on Wednesday.

She further indicated that since the agriculture sector employs about 80 percent of the population in the country, branding Ugandan products on the world market would fetch higher prices and increase on the country’s GDP.

“If we don’t promote branding of our products we shall lose out to other countries that come here and take our raw materials to their own countries and produce goods,” she observed.

Juliet Nassuuna, Director Intellectual Property Directorate stressed the need to give innovators monopoly over their own produced goods so that they earn more from their initiatives.

Innovators of new products in Uganda have been convening at Hotel Africana since April 23, discussing on mechanisms of benefitting through the Intellectual Property Policy Forum.

Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister, Col. Kahinda Otafiire recently said the policy would provide clear guidelines and mechanisms for rewarding creativity, developing innovations and promoting economic development.


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