Kenya Decides: This Man Dida

and geneva;”>The now known comical and well worded politician, page who was the man of the debate if such an award existed has for the last 30 days thrilled Kenyans with comic quotes.

Mohammed, 38, a former high school teacher turned businessman, joined the race Alliance for Real Change (ARK) to succeed President Mwai Kibaki. He is actually the youngest presidential candidate.

Kenyans knew little or nothing about this man Dida together with equally comical running mate Joshua Odongo Onono, who is just 29 years old.

During the first presidential debate Abduba Dida was categorical on his statement. In fact, every forum was a right forum for him to talk to the Kenyan voters. He is over looked by his competitors as despite him saying that he is an agent of change in Kenya.

Mohammed made a passionate speech after presenting his papers to the IEBC saying it’s time that Kenya considered other candidates for the top seats because the country is not a plutocracy.

The ARK aspirant had earlier said that he does not need a lot of time to campaign;

“I only need 7 days to campaign. I have done my grass root campaign and I am confident I am the next President of Kenya,” he said.

To show that he needs 7 days to campaign, this man Dida launched his 4 point manifesto last Sunday. 7 days before the March 4 general election. In his manifesto, Dida said the 3 enemies (disease, poverty and illiteracy) at independence had mutated and gave birth to bad governance. He said Kenya lacked good governance and therefore that was his main reason why he left classroom to vie for the top seat in the country.

Launched his manifesto in the most local way, Dida stressed his government will wipe out the rampant corruption vitalising the issues of security, health, education and investing in the people life empowerment and wealth creation.

Dida launched his manifesto 7 days to the Monday poll at the historic Kamukunji grounds. He also warned his fellow aspirants not to write him off; “I have no competition, just because you don’t know me doesn’t mean I am not strong. I will win this in the first round.”

A man of quotes

It is believed Dida to have given close to 16 quotes during the first round of the Kenya presidential debate. He will be remembered for having said ‘A teacher is like a lactating cow’ and the Dida’s Preventive mechanism which brought in the one third rule.

He is a man who said that if the constitution is implemented to the latter arguing that is the best way to stem out the ethnicity that has characterized Kenyan politics for close to 50years.

“If the constitution is implemented and governance issues corrected then ethnicity will be a forgotten story,” declared Dida.

He is the man who did not give direct answers to direct and obvious question. On viability of the Uhuru Kenyatta presidential candidature, Mohammed Dida argued that under laws governing ethics for public officers and therefore Uhuru Kenyatta’s presidential candidature was not proper.

“The culture of justice is that if you are suspected, the norm is that you step aside until you’re cleared, why is it different with Uhuru and his friends?” asked Mohammed Dida.

In the second round of the presidential debate the so called ‘chronicles of Mohammed Abduba Dida’ continued. This time he was a little bit serious and argued that Kenya has been a country that has been mismanaged by those in leadership. He took the stage as a platform to criticize those who have been in elective position of not providing tangible solutions to the country.

“Due to economic inequalities, 90 per cent of Kenyans are marginalized. Nobody is super Kenyan. It is unfair for Kenyans to earn KShs8, 000 while leaders earn KShs500, 000. I advocate equity for all citizens,” Said Dida.

He broke the Goldenberg discussion with an off the notch comment saying “Pattni confused everyone in the country.”

He has from time to time said that that was an indication how leaders were after self interests when elected to various big offices.

Mohammed Abduba Dida couldn’t escape the hook either. He was asked why he has been recruiting Kenyans to go and work as domestic workers in other countries. In defense Dida blamed the government for neglecting Kenyans living out of the country despite the fact that they pay taxes in terms of foreign remittances.

“We have to take the advantage any system that will bring money back to the country, I quit the government because of funny salaries and working conditions,” said Abduba Dida.

On the corruption issue Abduba quizzed “Did you expect a thief to tell you he has stolen? It’s the high time Kenyans should vote these leaders out and choose leaders who will serve you.”

Uhuru Kenyatta was engaged by Abduba Dida on the land issue in the presidential debate. Mohammed reminded Kenyans that the Land issue is not new to Kenyans as it was covered in the Njonjo and Ndung’u Report on Land and which to date it has never been implemented.

“I implement Ndung’u Commission. Land thieves dwarf Anglo-Leasing and Goldenberg scandals,” said confident Dida.

Dida read a statement written by a group of people from Uhuru’s Kiambu County who are said to have been displaced during colonial period and who says they have never been resettled.

“How can Uhuru deal with land nationally if people from his home in Kiambu are complaining?” queried Dida.

In a quick response, Uhuru Kenyatta dismissed the statement saying, “There is nothing in Dida’s statement is true. Land owned by my family was acquired legally and my family’s land was acquired through willing buyer, willing seller.”

Dida will be a man that Kenyans will remember to have moved Kenyan campaigns to the next level.

“Don’t vote for me, vote for the best”, he said during the closure of the first round of the presidential debate.

In the second presidential debate, As usual Alliance for Real Change candidate Mohammed Abduba Dida said the time for Kenyans to get to know the leaders they entrust with leadership is now.

“In 2007 Raila Odinga and William Ruto were political allies now they are not allies. Kalonzo and Raila were political enemies now they are together, so that’s a lesson for Kenyans. There is no sincerity, this is just drama, we are just acting,” said Dida.

He urged Kenyans Consult God for the right decision. “If leaders are uniting for the polls, Kenyans should also unite: I congratulate Kenyans for their patience and endurance. God doesn’t sleep, he knows us in, out,” said Dida.

As Kenya counts hours to the historic march 4 polls we at Kenyan Chapter of the Chimpreports would give a comprehensive profiler of the men and a woman seeking to be Kenya’s 4th president. We urge Kenyans both in Kenya and within the East Africa to maintain peace before, during and after the general elections.

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