Al Shabaab Threaten “Long, Gruesome War” On Kenya

viagra 100mg geneva; font-size: small;”>In a note posted on Twitter on Wednesday night, Al Shabaab said the changing political climate in Kenya “may now hold the key to a better future; a future that involves less bloodshed.”

It added: “You now have an opportunity to rethink and reassess the choices imposed upon you by your outgoing government; a government that you, out of your own volition, put in place.”

“If you choose the path of peace, it is you who will benefit the most; if you continue upon the path of war, then bear in mind that we are strong-willed men who fight upon the command of Allah, harsh against those who reject the Law of Allah; we are uncompromising in our beliefs, relentless in our pursuit, ruthless against the disbelievers and we will do whatever necessary it takes to defend our lands from invasion and defend our religion from disbelievers.”

The Al Shabaab said Kenyans should not be “deceived by your military’s temporary occupation of Kismayo; this will be a long, gruesome war.”

This is the latest bluntest statement on Al Alshabaab’s plans to continue destabilizing Kenya. They have been blowing up bombs in Kenya to incite people against government following its invasion of Somalia.

Kenya contributed troops to AMISOM that has so far dislodged the insurgents from Mogadishu, Kismayo and other strategic towns.

Several western countries such as UK, US and Canada have showed commitment to channel billions of dollars to support post-war recovery efforts in war-torn Somalia.

The terrorists further threatened: “With your government’s decision to invade our Muslim lands, the situation in your country deteriorated rapidly; cross border raids became more frequent, relations between communities have become severely strained, instigating the existing tensions and social unrest in many Kenyan cities, and your security has been on a downward spiral ever since the Kenyan military set foot in Somalia in October 2011.”

Al Shabaab described themselves as “men who are undeterred by calamities, firm in the face of adversities and our provision is under the shade of our swords, adding, “Neither the numerical superiority of our enemies nor the amount of their firepower can weaken our resolve, subdue our spirit, thwart our objective, impede the progress of our Jihad or extinguish the light of Allah that we are striving to spread across the globe.”

UPDF authorities recently said after losing several battles and towns to AMISOM forces, the Al Shabaab were resorting to “unsuccessful propaganda schemes” on the internet.

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