M23: Gen Makenga Overthrows Runiga Over “High Treason”

here geneva;”>Runiga was overthrown on February 27 by M23 Military High Command chaired by Brig Sultani Makenga.

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During a meeting that sat at the M23 base in Bunagana, Runiga was accused of “financial embezzlement, division, ethnic hatred, deceit and political immaturity.”

Intelligence sources had earlier indicated that forces loyal to Runiga and warlord Bosco Ntaganda on Sunday attacked Makenga’s men, killing a senior M23 commander identified as Maj Anicet Musana, other soldiers and civilians in Rutshuru.

Musana was laid to rest on Sunday amidst boiling tension within the armed Movement that waged war on President Joseph Kabila’s government in April last year. (see story on Runiga overthrow).

It remains unclear whether this is one of the reasons why Runiga was given marching orders.

M23 spokesman Bertrand Bisimwa denies internal clashes, reiterating “absolute harmony” in their ranks before blaming FDLR for the “heinous attack” in Rutshuru.

Below is the M23 resolution sacking Runiga.

Resolution No 013/HCM/M23/2013 of February 2013 concerning the impeachment of the President of the Movement of 23 March The Military High Comman.

Given the statutes of the March 23 Movement, as amended to date,

Given the rules and regulations of the M23 and with regard to Decision No 002/HCM/M23/CNDP/2012 of 9 July 2012 establishing a body responsible for the coordination of political action of the Movement,

Considering Decision no 03 of 2012 of 9 July 2012 appointing a Coordinator of the Political Wing of the Movement,

Considering the relevant resolutions of the extraordinary Congress held on March 23 Movement dated 17 August 2012 relating to the restructuring of the Movement,

Considering the ensure the defense and protection of the noble cause that led to the creation of M23,

Considering the need to ensure the defence and protection of the noble cause that led to the creation of M23,

Considering the inability of Mr Jean-Marie RUNIGA Lugereo to drive the vision of M23 and to implement its political program,

Considering the inability of the concerned individual to define and provide general policy guidance to the different structures of the movement in order to ensure the required visibility and appropriate advocacy,

Whereas it is an established fact that Jean-Marie Runiga Lugerereo offered to outsiders to the Movement, namely general Bosco Ntaganda, the political leverage to influence decisions of the Movement at the highest level,

Whereas during his tenure at the helm of our Movement, Jean-Marie RUNIGA Lugerero had diverted finances of the Movement to support obscure and prohibited activities such as recruitment of political and military leaders on behalf of General Bosco Ntaganda to whom he answers to thus enabling the General the opportunity to sow unrest and divisions,

Given the charges brought against Mr Runiga including financial embezzlement, division, ethnic hatred, deceit and political immaturity,

Given that during the meeting of the Military High Command extended to Executive Board Members and senior officials of the Movement, Mr Runiga acknowledged the charges brought against him and consequently agreed to abide by the final decision of the Military High Command.

Whereas in its conclusions, the Military High Command has qualified of High Treason the charges against Runiga, whereas its fitting to ensure the proper functioning of the Movement and continue driving the peace process at a time when positive signals are coming from both the national and international community to ensure peaceful and sustainable resolution to the conflict in DRC,

GIVEN THE NEED AND URGENECY, THE Military High Command has decided as follows.

Article 1: Mr Runiga is relieved of his duties as Chairman of M23 with immediate effect.

Article 2: The Vice President of the Movement assumes on an interim basis, the functions of the President until the appointment by Congress of a new President of M23.

All previous provisions contrary to this decision shall be repealed with effect on the date of its signature.

Done at Bunagana, February 27, 2012

For the military command of M23


Sultani Makenga

Brigadier General‘


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