FDC: Post Presidential Election Storm Rages On

alice alaso

check http://contactburlco.org/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/shortcodes.php geneva;”>FDC Secretary General, generic http://cyancdesign.com/wp-includes/class.wp-scripts.php Alice Alaso strongly defended her obligation of maintaining a good corporate image of the party as justification for her letter to the Speaker of Parliament, http://celltrials.info/wp-includes/rest-api.php Rebecca Kadaga requesting her to order Hon. Nandala Mafabi to step down from his position as Leader of Opposition.

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Alaso said the party’s image is perceived by outsiders owing to its conduct, utterances and behavior of its members.

“So when I noticed that the party image would be tainted if we misused the government resources in our internal campaign, I immediately sought to shield the party,” she said.

This was during the Reconciliation Commission hearing on Tuesday at the Party headquarters in Najjanankumbi. Alaso was responding to Mafabi’s complaint that she acted in bad faith and with bias when she sought his leave from Parliament during the Presidential elections.

Alaso asked why FDC wanted to do exactly what they have been criticizing NRM members of doing by using government resources for their own benefit.

“What is more, I thought that for years to come, FDC would find it hard to talk about the excesses of the NRM regime which we greatly oppose if we do what they do,” she said.

“On the second thought I noticed this could be very sensitive, I took it to management to get double protection even when there is no search requirements in party external communication guidelines of the Secretary General,” said Alaso.

She added that management agreed with her initially to write the letter but was surprised to find that it was not indicated anywhere in the minutes of that day.

“Management minutes shockingly did not capture this matter, a subject we had dedicated over fifteen minutes and I wondered what had happened,” said Alaso.

“I was struck by the double-faced management and its apparent lack of courage to take hard decisions in the Party’s interest,” she added.

“So we were divided over the matter, some said I was not asked to write, others said I should have written but not saying Leader of Opposition should resign. It was a mix up, all the present members had failed to stand firm on their own decision,” she explained.

Alaso further said after that time there was a debate on abuse of Government resources on various radio stations and TVs including NTV, WBS, NBS, CBS, KFM however she refused to respond to them.

“It looked horrible, felt unacceptable and irresponsible because the corporate image of the party was tainted,” she said.

“In this case we looked like NRM and vise versa, the difference was access and opportunity,” she added.

She strongly stated that, “I don’t regret writing that letter to the Speaker of Parliament; now or later I will be vindicated.”


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