KENYA DECIDES: Candidates’ Final Remarks Ahead Of Elections


viagra geneva;”>The journey towards the March 4 elections has been long, this weary and with war of words and policy.

Cord was the first to launch its manifesto on January 29. In its 10-point manifesto, CORD’s Presidential Candidate Prime Minister Raila Odinga promised Kenyans that if elected to the top office he would create jobs and transform the economy to befit 24hrs.

CORD’s manifesto is envisaged on the vision 2030 which presents Kenyans with pledges of introduction to universal healthcare, a million jobs per year, ease of doing business for investors and free secondary education. It has also maintained that if elected it champion Reforms in the civil service will be the first priority in the first 100 days.

Raila said if elected, he would prioritize the Public Service transformation since now as the Prime Minister he faces a challenge of supervising and coordinating government ministries.

The coalition has pledged to restructure the Youth Empowerment Fund and Women’s Enterprise Fund and introduce grants to the youth and women to give them capital base to create jobs and a wealth.

“CORD government shall give grants to youths to start businesses to help them stabilize in order to capacitate them to borrow money from the Youth enterprise fund,” said Raila.

The alliance has also promised to deal with the past injustices and ensure that the land reforms as well as the implementation of new constitution are implemented. “People are killing each other because of an acre of land yet someone owns a province and yet you are promising change and equity,” he added.

Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta led by Jubilee Coalition, launched its manifesto dubbed jubilee Blueprint on February 3rd putting matters concerning national cohesion, Unity and economic transformation. The 3-point blueprint attracts similarities from the one launched by Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

The blue print according to the coalition contains five year programmes that are aimed at improving the lives of Kenyans between 2013 and 2017.

The coalition in its Manifesto expressed concern of uniting Kenya hence putting more energy in ensuring food security, quality education, sports and culture, better health care and empowering youths and women

In his manifesto, Kenyatta said his record at the Ministry of Finance speaks for itself saying he has been transparency and open in government.

Former Finance minister stressed that devolution comes with added values to people hence ensuring that “resources are better utilized at the ground and people involvement in deciding where the programmes and projects go under the ESP speaks for it and these are things we want to take to the higher level.”

However, the coalition has exclusively promised to ensure provision of Laptops to all school going children in the first 100 days pledging in creating openness by drawing fresh relations with key groups and organizations to keep the country in the devolution state.

Campaigns trail

Cord began its campaign in a style. Dubbed the grand march to Statehouse the coalition while at the independence grounds at Uhuru Park flagged off campaign vehicles for the coalition to the grassroots to increase the chances of the premier clinching the competitive presidential race.

Raila called upon for his competitors to embark on issue oriented politics as they transverse the country to woo the Kenyan people to vote for them in the Monday’s polls.

Addressing the supporters Kakamega Senatorial candidate on the Federal Party of Kenya Cyrus Jirongo asked supporters to ignore politicians who have selfish needs and care less about the less fortunate.

“It’s time for the real leader is to be given the mandate to lead Kenya. We are not here because of a particular tribe but here as Kenyans. The constitution we have has given all Kenyans equality before the law. Raila Odinga is the ideal leader,” said Cyrus Jirongo.

He added that it is time for Kenya to show the world that it can manage its elections in a free and fair manner. He further called on Kenyans to vote for the leaders who would positively transform Kenya saying that the March 4th elections shall be between reformists and those who prefer status quo.

Addressing the supporters the Deputy presidential candidate Kalonzo Musyoka said the time Kenyans bury their tribal differences. “We have addressed the issue on the 10-Point Manifesto where we have emphasized on jobs as the key agenda,” he said.

The vice president assured that the CORD supporters that the journey is now decided and reforms shall form the basis of their campaign. He further called on united country and urged those who are united because of tribal alliances to prepare to loose.

“We don’t want to lead a country where we see each other as Kikuyu, kamba, Luo or this that tribe, we must address the issue as CORD government,” said the VP.

The Vice President said it is not able Raila Odinga, or Moses Wetangula, or Kalonzo Musyoka, but about delivering the Kenyan dream. “I will embark on a nationwide campaign to make sure we bring reforms to Kenya,” Kalonzo emphasized.

On the other hand jubilee Alliance led by Uhuru Kenyatta battled with various hurdles ranging from the integrity case against them by the civil society, to the International Criminal Court.

The coalition assured their supporters that they will prove their innocence at the ICC through the vote that comes on Monday. “It’s now evident that Kenyan people are the only ones to decide on whom to win the March 4 general elections,” Ruto said.


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