EXCLUSIVE: Mafabi Exposed As Alaso Denies Vote Rigging


unhealthy cialis 40mg geneva;”>In Team Nandala’s petition in which Alaso is accused of vote rigging, healing seek Nandala Mafabi’s strategists defined her actions as “recklessly partisan,” adding she committed “heinous crimes.”

In her response on Tuesday before the Reconciliation Commission at the Party headquarters, Alaso said: “I think the author of this document for Team Nandala should first have looked up the meaning of these expressions before embarrassingly misapplying it.”

Hon. Nandala Mafabi and some of his team members chatting during a break at the hearing

“The use of the expression ‘recklessly partisan is an amateurish attempt to engage my knowledge of the English language and I wish to disregard it,” she said.

“A heinous crime by simple Google search refers to a loose term that describes any level of offense but is most often applied to Crimes of moral turpitude. Moral turpitude refers generally to conduct that shocks the public conscience like committing murder, voluntary manslaughter, kidnapping and robbery,” she explained further.

Alaso denied forcing some FDC officials to leave Mandela National Stadium where the election exercise was taking place, specifically Margaret Wokui.

Alice Also arriving for the hearing at the Party Headquarters in Najjanakumbi

Alaso said it was her “supervisory role” to ensure officials who did not take leave from the party headquarters before participating in the election are not allowed at the voting venue.

Wokui was attached to the FDC Secretariat.

“It is important for Team Nandala to know that my relationship with Margaret, who used to be a friend, was not of Alaso and other officials. My response is that she resigned. I verbally drew Margaret’s attention to the fact that it would be challenging for her to coordinate Team Nandala campaign while in office, this was in good faith,” she said.

She added that with the background of Mr. Samuel Makoha who was working at the Secretariat and had to take a leave to participate in an internal election, she thought it would be easy for Wokui to understand, “Unfortunately I was mistaken,” she said.

“I was rather surprised to receive an email in response to the conservation we had in which Margaret had decided to take unpaid leave and had copied to many others. I immediately suspected the motive of emailing me, so I shared the matter with the management and then let go of it,” affirmed Alaso.

She later referred this matter to Party Presidential electoral guidelines section B bullet 8 which instructs that any member of the party who has a job in the party to take a leave before getting involved in the campaign trail.

Alaso further refuted allegations that she used her relatives and friends on the electoral affairs desk by clarifying the involvement of Mr. Peter Otukei (her relative) in electoral affairs.

“Yes, Otukei is my relative and I am proud of him. I am also happy that since 2009 when he first joined the Secretariat as a volunteer, no one has ever raised a complaint against him, so why now?” she asked.

“It should be noted that he served not as a committee member but as a Secretariat staff receiving directives from the Chief Electoral Commissioner and implementing them. The need for desk officer was raised by the Chief Electoral Commissioner and appointment took place well before nominations,” she explained.


Team Nandala alleges that Alaso deliberately refused to make tags for specific people and had her special team at the gate.

However, she refutes the allegation saying it was the mandate of the Internal Affairs, security and Defense departments not hers.

“Mr. Chairman I take serious offence about this particular allegation. The tags were made by the EC. If Hon. Nandala and his team genuinely want the truth, they should take us to the printer which was used and we establish the truth, because this level of malicious gossip should not be entertained in the FDC and amongst Party leaders,” she demanded.

She challenged Team Nandala to avail a copy of an appointment letter she allegedly gave to her special team at the gate in order to substantiate their allegations.

“How could my special team, if it existed and manned the gate as alleged, watched helplessly as a group from Mbale kidnapped a staff from Headquarters who had gone to withdraw money for transport refunds and was later rescued by the Police?” she asked.

Team Nandala led by Ruranga Rubaramira discussing their move during a short break at the hearing

Alaso said Mr. Salim Angoliga was in charge of security at Namboole National Stadium and so should be the right person to clarify on matters of the gate and even assure the commission whether at any one time she gave him directives on how to manage security.

“In regard to Namboole staff, I only dealt with the marketing manager during the booking, actually when we had no money to pay and nearly lost the booking. I had to personally intervene, sought a meeting, provided assurance and the rest is not for public consumption,” she clarified more on the issue.

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