FDC Chaos: Alaso Fires Back At Mafabi


this web geneva;”>“I need Team Nandala specifically Hon. Nandala Mafabi and his two agents Hon. Aduman and Mr. Okia Atan to own up to various utterances made on Televisions and Etop radio station that I voted five times during the Party Presidential elections at Namboole stadium on November 22, help 2012,” said Alaso.

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This was during the Reconciliation Commission hearing on Tuesday at the Party headquarters in Najjanakumbi as Alaso gave her response to the electoral concerns raised by Team Nandala.

As a precondition from Team Nandala that she should resign as the Secretary General, Alaso said she will not interfere with the process but, “He who seeks equity must do so with clean hands.”

The Chairperson of the Reconciliation Commission, Mr. Ladislaus Rwakafuzi told the petitioners that Alaso is simply responding to their invitation and to also shedding light on the previous delay of her response.

He urged everyone to behave responsibly and in a friendly manner by telling the truth of what happened on the FDC presidential Election Day.

Alaso said the petition she received was signed by Major Rubaramira Ruranga on behalf of the 360 delegates but she asked to be availed with a fully signed copy that bears the signatures of the said 360 and a resolution by which the said 360 agreed to petition.

Major Ruranga Rubaramira, leader for Team Nandala arriving for the hearing

“This to me is very important for purposes of transparency and responsible conduct of leaders who purport to act on behalf of any other person,” she said.

She defended herself on accusations of taking sides in the presidential elections saying, “My expectation to remain neutral while others take sides begs clarification.”

“I made my utmost to remain neutral, except that I made it absolutely clear I would not vote for Hon Nandala and he personally was aware about this,” added Alaso.

Alaso informed the Reconciliation Commission that she had requested to take a two month leave during the campaign period and Management declined.

“I stayed on not being allowed to talk to media trying to clean up the mess arising from the methods of campaign by the Nandala team,” she added.

She gave an example of Hon. Jack Sabiti, the Treasurer General of FDC, who openly nominated and campaigned for Hon Nandala without even attempting to resign.

“He continued to operate normally and Team Nandala did not find this outrageous, so why blame,” said Alaso.

Alaso further defended herself against the allegation of voting by proxy that she changed the rules by asking team Nandala to show how, where and which is the new version. “The EC and the Party guideline explain proxy voting well. I was not contacted by Hon. Epetait or Hon. Nabila on any matter of voting and I am sure they did not need to do so,” she said.

FDC, Secretary General, Alice Alaso confidently smiling after challenging Team Nandala at the hearing

“Team Nandala and specifically Hon Nandala and his agents Hon. Oduman and Mr. Okia Atan to own up to various public statements made after elections in Namboole on various TVs, post NDC meeting and Etop radio that I voted five times. I demand a public apology,” demanded Alaso.


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