Kagame: Rwanda Must Rise And Fight Injustice

site geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%; text-align: justify;”>“Do not be people who believe we don’t deserve the same rights as everyone, recipe ” says Kagame.

“Rwandans, you must learn to face obstacles head-on. Learn to say ‘no.’ Do not be afraid to stand up for the truth, or justice and for what we believe in.”

He criticizes the politics of people and institutions that set free genocidaires and call victims perpetrators.

Prof. Silas Lwakabamba swearing-in as Minister of Infrastructure

The Rwandan leader notes the world watched as one million people were slaughtered during the 1994 genocide, “meaning they decide what to see and not to see.”

“They used justice as political tool and they turned victims into perpetrators. This is our unique history that indicates how Rwanda is different from others so we should act differently from others.”

Oda Gasinzigwa swearing-in as Minister of Family and Gender Promotion

He adds: “Justice has become politicized with perpetrators becoming victims. That’s the reality in which we live.”

Kagame maintains “looking where we came from, where we are heading, the last 20 years should show everyone that we are a different nation.”

Kagame says “the world we live in has shown us that we cannot afford not to fight and we must stand up for ourselves. Rwandans should fight for what they believe they deserve. We are not hopeless that’s why we need to work even harder.”

The President says “We find ourselves in a difficult situation because of an unfair world. We have got no time to waste. We must stand up for rights. The only way to live in this world is to stand up for ourselves and define our own destiny.”

Kagame reminds his countrymen that Rwanda is a special case, “so we have to deal with challenges in a special way.”

Evode Imena, Dr. Anita Asiimwe and Seraphine Mukantabana swearing-in as Ministers

He tells ministers Rwanda’s philosophy is the way of addressing “our own problems using limited resources we own to achieve more.”

“Do not be afraid to stand up for the truth, for justice and for what we believe in Rwanda. Work as a team and complement one another to develop Rwanda. We have a unique history, with unique challenges and to face them we must strive to achieve more with less.”

He urges new Ministers to bring their unique abilities to their new jobs and also work as a team for the benefit of all.

Concluding, Kagame says multiplied efforts were required to achieve more.

10:30 AM Rwanda President Paul Kagame will on Tuesday officiate the swearing-in ceremony of the six new ministers, Chimp Corps report.

Kagame on Monday afternoon reshuffled Cabinet, appointing Amb. Claver Gatete as new Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, replacing John Rwangombwa.

Rwangombwa is now the Governor of the Central Bank.

Dr. Anita Asiimwe swearing-in as Minister of State in the Ministry of Health in charge of Public Health and Primary Health Care

Gasinzigwa Oda who has since been the Chief Gender Monitor, is the Minister of Family and Gender Promotion, while Prof. Silas Lwakabamba, formerly the rector the National university of Rwanda, takes over the Infrastructure docket.

Seraphine Mukantabana is the Minister of Refugees and Disaster Management, while Dr. Anita Asiimwe has been appointed Health State Minister of State in charge of Public Health and Primary Health Care.

Evode Imena swearing-in as Minister of State in the Ministry of Natural Resources in charge of Mining

Hon. Imena Evode has also been unveiled as the Minister of State in the Ministry of Natural Resources in charge of Mining.

The inauguration will take place at the Parliament in Kimihurura.


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