INTELLIGENCE: Uganda Security Chiefs Meet Over Kenya Elections

stomach geneva;”>Impeccable intelligence sources say heads of security agencies on Monday convened at Police headquarters in Kampala where it was agreed that the “country must be fully cushioned from possible Kenya presidential election violence.”

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buy geneva;”>The meeting which kicked off at 4:00pm till 8:00pm was briefly chaired by IGP Lt Gen Kale Kayihura and attended by representatives from CMI, ISO, ESO, Police, Special Forces Command, State House Counter Intelligence among others.

Officials first assessed the latest intelligence from Kenya which showed some Presidential candidates were hell bent on using violence should they lose the polls.

Reports of the return of Mungiki militia which played a big part in the post 2007 election was analyzed.

The group recently threatened to cut off the head of Kenya’s Chief Justice and throw it to wild animals in the parks if he made a ruling disqualifying Uhuru Kenyatta from the presidential race.

During the meeting, Chimpreports understands, security bosses agreed that deployments comprising intelligence personnel, Police anti-terrorism squads plus regular forces must tighten border security and fully scrutinize immigrants.

Speaking to this reporter recently, Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi described the Kenyan elections as “obviously a very serious concern considering what happened in 2007.”

He added: “But we are hoping it will be a smooth election and life won’t be destabilized in Kenya. We find it prudent to be ready in case the unexpected happens.”

While Mbabazi did not elaborate on government’s planned response to any eventuality, he assured “we are ready even for the worst scenario.”

Regarding preparations for fuel reserves in Jinja, Mbabazi said they were still under “renovation.”

Earlier, government said they had finalized arrangements with Tanzania to allow Ugandan imports go the Dar es Salaam port.

Uganda faced acute fuel shortage during the 2007 Kenya election violence considering that Mombasa was mired in chaos.

According to media reports, Tanzania Shipping Agents Association (TASAA) Chairman Emmanuel Mallya recently more clients are reported to be relocating from Mombasa Port to Dar es Salaam in the run-up to the Kenyan polls.

“Now, as we wish our Kenyan neighbours good tidings in their coming general election, we should consider Tanzanian ports more as complimentary sister East African ports rather than the conservative view of competing ports though by and large competition enhances efficiency,” said Mallya.

He pointed out that dynamics in ports and the shipping industry in the east African geographical trading saw Dar es Salaam port over congested in 2007/8 after a post election violence drove away customers from Mombasa port.

“Just to mention some few dynamics, six years ago experts in port and shipping together with their logistics partners could not fully comprehend the business spill-over effect on Dar es Salaam port in terms of cargo congestion following Kenya general elections,” Mallya noted.


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