Alaso To Face FDC Committee Over Rigging

physician ask geneva;”>The Reconciliation Commission formed to resolve disputes arising from last year’s FDC presidential elections, buy information pills has summoned Alaso to appear before the committee to give reasons as to why she believes she should not step down from her position.

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She is being accused of manipulating the voters’ register in favour of Gen Muntu who defeated Mafabi in the hotly contested race.

Dan Mugarura, the Electoral Commission Chairman is also faulted for violating the party Constitution by swearing in Muntu as Party President.

FDC publicist, Wafula Oguttu, told journalists on Monday at the Party headquarters in Kampala, that all the accused would appear, including Mugarura.

“Failure to do so might lead to serious punishment like suspension,” said Wafula. He gave the example of Beti Kamya who was suspended from the Party over indiscipline.

Wafula said FDC was anxious about constitutional reforms, adding, it had instructed the Parliament to start on the reforms in order to have them implemented in time of the 2016 Presidential elections.

He said some of these reforms which were discussed during the Inter Party Cooperation, a coalition of Ugandan opposition parties, are the composition of another Electoral Commission, elimination of people who commit crimes during elections before contesting for the same position again.

They also want the Army out of Parliament, a review of affirmative actions of workers, soldiers and women, the return of presidential term limits, a proportional representation in Parliament and the districts and if possible a second house (Parliament).

Wafula said a proportional representation in Parliament is very important for this country because it makes people feel that they belong in this country.

He said the government should agree on a minimum percentage of votes which would make a candidate be considered eligible to be in Parliament.

Wafula said FDC believes that a constituency has at least 200,000 people as a minimum number of voters, therefore it would make a total of 150 MPs elected to be in parliament.

“This would be a way of government and Parliament to be inclusive,” he added.


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