Kenya Leading Exporter To Rwanda

President Kagame bids farewell to Kenyan High Commissioner to Rwanda

capsule geneva;”>The Yello Stars program is a peer to peer initiative within the MTN group meant to recognise and reward employees who are outstanding in performance, troche based on set parameters. The winners are nominated and voted for by staff on a monthly and annual basis in the case of overall winners.

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“As MTN evolves, so does the involvement and commitment of our staff. The Y’ello Star’s programme is MTN’s biggest and most prestigious recognition programme to help drive and encourage performance and excellence through recognition by peers and leaders,” said Michael Sekadde -General Manager Human Resources.

The programme which was launched in 2005 in only 11 countries has since grown and is in Africa, the Middle East and now present in all 21 countries where MTN operates.

“All great companies are admired brands. Not only for the results companies achieve but for the enormous value placed on the people they serve. As the employer of choice, MTN has designed and implemented numerous initiatives across the Group in order to involve and support staff needs and to depict the great value we place on the individuals who work for us” said Mazen Mroué –CEO MTN Uganda.

The Y’ello Stars’ Recognition Program is a unique MTN Group-wide programme designed to develop and encourage a culture of recognition. It’s a channel through which staff acknowledge their colleagues’ contributions and value addition towards building the great company that MTN is.

“Employees must experience MTN in a unique inspiring way. This culture of open and public acknowledgement of your contribution to the success of MTN will result in better sharing, collaboration and lead to continuous improvement in results and performance”.

symptoms geneva;”>Rwanda and Kenya enjoy excellent diplomatic and cooperation relations underpinned by the 1979 General Cooperation Agreement (GCA).

High Commissioner Makena told press after the Friday meeting that among her achievements during her tenure as envoy to Rwanda was to stabilize the bilateral relations through Joint Permanent Cooperation.

“I thank His Excellency for the great reception I have received in Rwanda through the people of Rwanda who have received Kenya very well,” said Makena.

“We have really strengthened our relations, our relations have been good but we have made them stronger in all spheres by making great strides and efforts in the development of our region and especially in trade, investments and business in the area of development of the financial sector, Public Service and Labor; Energy; Health as well as Transport and Communications.”

The High Commissioner has been appointed the next Ambassador of Kenya to the Netherlands.

Since 2009 after the full accession of Rwanda to the East African Community, bilateral trade and investment flows have been on an upward trend. Kenya is currently the leading exporter to Rwanda.

In addition, Rwanda has waived work permit and resident visa fees for citizens of the East African Community while the Government of Kenya waived work permits for Rwandan nationals wishing to work in Kenya.

In two weeks, Kenyans will cast their votes in the first election since the adoption of a new constitution in 2010, and the fourth since independence.


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