Bubulo West MP, Kipoi Granted Bail

kipoi 2

viagra 100mg geneva;”>He was on December 31, physician 2012 remanded to Luzira prison having been charged with two counts of treason and concealment of treason.

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His arrest preceded security suspicions that he was holding talks as well as recruiting security officials from both Uganda and other members of a Congolese based rebel group called COGAI.

Justice Lameck Mukasa granted him bail on grounds that his health condition was deteriorating in prison being a single father of three and an active Member of Parliament.

Mukasa also dismissed claims by State Prosecutor, Barbra Masinde that being an MP, he would influence the ongoing investigations. She noted that being an MP of a mere constituency in Manafwa District was not sufficient to antagonize investigations being carried out in several districts and Congo.

Kipoi was granted a cash bond of shs 10m and a non cash bond of shs 5m from his four sureties who include Uganda’s EALA Representative, Hon. Fred Mukasa Mbidde.

He was also to hand over both his Ugandan and South African passports, appear before CID offices in Nakawa once in a week, and seek court permission in cases of need to travel.


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