Google Encourages Ugandan Girls To Embrace Technology Industry


physician geneva;”>The aim of this event was to open up technology and make it more approachable for girls and women by giving them tools to build their ideas and join the internet playground.

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This event was organised by Outbox, a local technology innovation hub supported by Google to provide support to people to turn their tech ideas into sustainable businesses, under their initiative Girl Geek Kampala.

It was sponsored by ThoughtWorks Uganda, a global IT Consultancy that delivers custom applications and no nonsense consulting.

This event brought together over 50 girls from all-round the country to learn and experience programming using Ruby on rails, a tool used to build web applications and software services. They were taught how to install the Ruby on rails web application framework on their personal laptops on Friday.

They were later introduced to the basics of Ruby on rails on Saturday where they worked with close to 15 coaches from ThoughtWorks Uganda all day in order to get an understanding on how to use the platform.

Officials said the initiative seeks to create a community that promotes and celebrates women in the technology field by infusing entrepreneurship and programming skills into girls passionate about Information Technology (IT).

Many people believe that the internet was built by and for boys. As a girl, one feels like lacking the vocabulary to access it. However, building software services and applications is now cheaper, faster and easier than before yet women’s visions are underrepresented.

It is no secret that most of the software personnel in companies are predominantly men.

If there are to be more women who pursue careers in technology and feel welcome in these fields, we have to work on ways to increase the number of women studying technology.

Participants in this event were divided into small teams and given instructions on how to create a simple web app (how to create a layout, add pictures and other fun stuff).

The presence of initiatives like Girl Geek Kampala under Outbox, working together with software consultancy firms will go a long way in building capacity among women and encouraging them to take up careers in technology.


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