UPC Back Makerere Students’ Riots

approved geneva;”>UPC spokesperson, what is ed Okello Lucima said the government should know that the students suffering are under private sponsorship and they toil to ensure that they survive at the University.

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“Therefore this is inconsiderate and unfair for them to be asked to pay that much,” he added.

Luciima said it should be noted that by the end of last year, government was demanded over 2 billion for the students she sponsors.

“The government should first clear its debts with the University than thinking of torturing the privately sponsored students with these huge sums of money,” maintained Lucima.

He added it should be noted these are UPE and USE products who failed to perform very well to acquire government sponsorship and so treating them in that manner is discriminative and unfair.

“The government should wisely and strategically invest in education for the good of all Ugandans other than viewing education as a business venture,” he said.

Luciima said the administrative measures used by the University Council are too dictatorial and are aimed at bettering the minority of the students which expresses high levels of social injustice and inequality.

The students have been violently protesting the tuition policy, paralyzing business at the University. Some were arrested as they looted shops in the neighboring towns.

Makerere Vice Chancellor Prof. Ddumba-Ssentamu maintains students do not pay the required amount of tuition by early March should quit.

He says the administration will not move an inch on the policy as demanded by students.


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