FDC Threatens Fresh Protests Against EC’s Kiggundu


abortion http://ccimiowa.com/wp-includes/._class-wp-customize-widgets.php geneva;”>The party accuses Kiggundu of being partisan when overseeing elections, the latest being the Butaleja Woman By-election.

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Francis Mwijukye, a member of the FDC National Publicity Committee, while addressing the press in Kampala on Monday, said the elections in Butalejja were characterized by massive arrests of opposition politicians and heavy police deployment during rallies and on the voting day.

Mwijukye said due to heavy deployment, of 90,000 registered voters, less than 40,000 turned up for the election process due to fear and intimidation from the police.

“Those who turned up for the process, some were fetched from different areas, while others were openly paid money.”

He said some members of FDC who were accredited to travel to Butaleja, including Michael Kabaziguruka, Sam Mugumya, Ingrid Turinawe and himself were arrested while monitoring the election exercise.

“Police under Grace Turyagumanawe arrested and took us to Malaba and Tororo Police Stations before we were released late in the evening,” said Mwijukye, adding, “We have rights to travel to any part of this country.”

“We wrote to the Chairman Electoral Commission requiring him to explain why we were excluded from participating in Butaleja during the elections but so far he has not replied.”

Mwijukye said they have instructed their lawyers of Katuntu & Co. Advocates to file a case against Kiggundu this week.

He added that “it is time to go back to the streets, mobilize masses against Kiggundu and have him out of office before 2016.”

Mwijukye said this will happen after an ultimatum of one week.

FDC-led protests aimed at “uprooting” Kiggundu ahead of the 2011 general elections did not bear fruit.

President Yoweri Museveni told Parliament then that he would not fire the embattled EC boss.

Observers in the Butaleja election described the exercise as “free and fair.”

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