PHOTOS: Mafabi Camp Insists Alice Alaso Must Go

cialis 40mg geneva;”>The hearing started on Wednesday at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, Kampala with Rubaramira Ruranga, who was Mafabi’s chief strategist in last year’s elections, officially forwarding their complaints to the reconciliation Committee.

Ladislaus Rwakafuzi, Chairman of the Reconciliation Commission, said the aim of this hearing is to discuss the Party grievances openly and find solutions where possible.

Kikonyogo talking to FDC Party President Mugisha Muntu after the hearing

The commission was formed by Party Chairman, Sam Njuba to purposely carry out an in-depth analysis of how the recent party Presidential elections were handled and petitions filed by Mafabi and Ekanya.

Rubaramira highlighted the grievances of the 360 delegates who wrote and complained about the way the elections were handled.

“We believe we won the elections but because the Party is still young, we felt refusing the results was not going to look good before the public and that’s why we opted for this notion,” said Rubaramira.

FDC members discussing after the petition hearing outside the Party Offices

“Our pursuit is not to fight; but in a brotherly way, we would like to speak the truth and believe it will be with the other side (Team Muntu).”

Team Nandala presented its petition in three parts from Rubaramira, John Kikonyogo and another party official.

The first issue was; whether the present leader of team Nandala Mr. Rubaramira Ruranga is a member of FDC or not.

Rubaramira accused Dan Mugarura, the Chairman FDC Electoral Commission, of not recognizing him as a true member of FDC.

He further noted Mugarura told him not to participate in party activities.

Rubaramira quoted Mugarura as saying the former abandoned the Party in 2007 without resigning officially his seat as the deputy Electoral Commission and walked away from the Party saying he is tired and needs to rest.

Mugarura was not present and efforts to reach him for comment were futile.

The second burning issue was whether Muntu would serve for two or five years.

Rubaramira said this is still a matter being discussed by the party’s internal organs.

“Col. Kizza Besigye ruled for two years as the Party President. If there is an assertion that the term was for five years then there is a big problem,” he affirmed.

The third issue is the fact of civility in society. Rubaramira said the issue of communication is essential in the Party and it should be a two way. This is because they wrote to Team Muntu and there was no reply from the Party President.

He further submitted there was need for vital information in the custody of the secretariat.

Nandala Mafabi rejoiced that finally his petition has been forwarded to the respective people

He read out the items required in their petition including a list of delegates accredited, list of observers accredited, list of polling agents accredited for all candidates, list of people paid allowances, minutes of the National Organizing Committee in reference to the elections, list of members of National Organizing Committee in reference to elections, minutes of last NEC meetings before the elections, list of suppliers and how they were selected, list of suppliers and how they were selected, balance of observers and delegates cards, voters registers used on polling day, list of proxy votes authorized by Chief Electoral Commission to be cast on polling day, list of invited guests at Namboole and list of people accredited for security.


In this petition, also Team Nandala asks that the Secretary General, Alice Alaso and Chief Electoral Commission, Dan Mugarura step aside for reasons that, “Alaso personally wrote to the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga requesting her to make Nandala Mafabi step down from being the Leader of Opposition without even the Party’s Authority.”

“This was so unfortunate because they were dealing with the Party elections and not national elections,” said Rubaramira.

He emphasized that Alaso is a powerful and custodian of FDC documents who can easily interfere with the evidence.

“However, we as the brotherly team, we still want the truth and freedom in order to bring our Party together,” he added.

After listening to the preamble of Team Nandala’s petition, Rwakafuzi, said all the complaints and requirements have been put under consideration and they will forward the petition to the respective people.

“Today is when you have officially forwarded your petitions. So we will forward them to the respective people to read them. We shall call upon the mentioned people to answer to what you have been asking,” he said.

“Our terms of reference do not give us executive powers to demand them to reply instead we use persuasion to make people see certain issues in a required way,” he added.

Rubaramira said there is no justification to see why the mentioned people have not replied because it is logical that when written to, you reply, “All this is for the betterment of the Party.”

John Kikonyogo requested the Chairman to ask Mugarura give his reasons why he says that Rubaramira is not a member of FDC.

Retired Rubaramira presenting the preamble of the Tean Nandala petition before the Reconciliation Commission

Rwakafuzi replied that maybe it could be a personal reason because according to the Party, Rubaramira is a member. “It could be his opinion but not the Party’s.

The fact that Rubaramira made a petition and it was accepted, shows that he is a member of the Part and is respected,” affirmed Rwakafuzi.

Rwakafuzi concluded by saying that the hearing has been adjourned to February 21, 2013 when they expect to have received the reply of the people mentioned in the petition.


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