Migingo Island: Mbabazi Calls For Calm

Mbabazi said the matter was being looked in to and there is no need for the two nations to go to war over a matter that can be resolved.

“The settlement of Migingo Island is well underway rather slow but still ongoing, erectile ” the premier said on his social network Twitter handle @amamambabazi.

Migingo Island took the centre stage in the historic Kenyan presidential debate where the candidates were asked whether they knew the existence of one acre piece of land that belongs to Kenya but it’s occupied by Uganda.

Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga said it’s not logical for a small “piece of rock sitting on Lake Victoria to plunge the country into war with our neighboring country Uganda.’

On his part, visit web the Kenyan Premier said proper measures shall be put in place to ensure the rightful owners of Migingo island re-posses it.

Safina Presidential candidate spoke tough on Uganda saying Kenya will not tolerate disrespect by its neighbors and Kenya’s integrity and ownership of borders should be respected.

He said it’s sad that Ugandans have continued to sit on the Migingo Island despite the fact it is owned by Kenya.

“As a result my Government shall deploy the Kenya Navy into Migingo Island as you well know that Uganda does not have a Navy and take over our island. It’s not Migingo alone, buy information pills Elwak triangle in North western Kenya needs to be demarcated to let Kenyans know whether it’s in south Sudan or Kenya because it’s essential,” said Muite.

Muite’s statement did not go well with Uganda Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi who told our Reporter Felix Kilonzo on twitter:

“There is no question of Uganda going to war with Kenya over Migingo Island. The small issue will be solved amicably.”

Migingo Island is a small rocky outcrop in the middle of Lake Victoria that’s causing big trouble between Kenya and Uganda.

While the island is marked on maps and official documents as belonging to Kenya; the Ugandan government claims that the tiny Island is in Ugandan waters and that it is therefore illegal for Kenyans to fish there.

The rich fishing ground has attracted fishermen from both Kenya and Uganda.

Kenyan fishermen have had to bear the brunt of the dispute, and many of them feel neglected by their government, as they have not seen any concerted effort to resolve the issue.

Some of the Kenyan fishermen have begun to leave Migingo, seeing that they are being systematically chased out of the island, and seemingly with no assistance from their government.

Voter registration

Voter registration on the disputed Migingo Island was temporarily halted on Tuesday December 4 following a row between Ugandan security forces and Kenyan fishermen. Registration clerks scampered for safety when the Ugandans pointed their guns at the protesting Kenyans.

According to reports by the Nation Newspaper, ‘Trouble began when the Kenyans demanded an end to harassment and intimidation by the Ugandans.’

They said the fact that voter registration was being conducted on the island was proof that it belonged to Kenya.

“It was at this point that the Ugandans took offence and pointed their guns at the protesters. Voter registration clerks fled for safety,” Migingo beach management unit chairman Juma Ombori said.

“We refuse to be treated like refugees in our own land and are telling our security officers here to stop tolerating the Ugandans,” an angry Mr Ombori said.

Security forces from the two countries are co-managing the island awaiting resolution of the dispute, which has dragged on for more than eight years.

Immediate former Area MP Edick Anyanga said the government should “flex its muscles and repossess the island from the Ugandans, who harass and extort money from local fishermen daily”.


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