NRM Caucus Meets At Entebbe State House To Discuss The Second Oil Bill Debate

hospital geneva;”>Museveni called for the meeting in order to reach a consensus of the second oil bill and make amendments where necessary so as to prepare for the debate that will take place at the Parliament very soon.

nurse geneva;”>sick sans-serif;”>This is intended to avoid the same chaos that took place in November 2012, during the debate of the first oil debate where the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga prematurely adjourned the sitting of Parliament following chaos caused by theMPs. She took action as legislators failed to agree on the mode of recommitting clause 9 of the oil exploration bill. MPs could not agree on whether to debate the clause or move into voting on its reconsideration.

MPs, for the first time in Uganda’s history, were seen pointing fingers at each other, shouting, singing and making all sorts of noise. Some nearly strangled each other as tensions hit boiling levels and Kadaga’s appeal for sanity fell on deaf ears as hell broke loose.

Clause 9 of the bill provided powers to the Minister to grant licenses to oil Companies. The contention on Clause 9 stems from the fact that Parliament had provided powers to grant licenses to the Petroleum Authority of Uganda and not the minister. The passing of the Bill implies the Energy Minister shall be responsible for granting and revoking licences; initiating, developing and implementing oil and gas policy; submitting draft legislation to Parliament; issuing petroleum Regulations and negotiating and endorsing petroleum agreements.

However the bill was later passed on December 7, 2012 with 188 members that were present in Parliament, 149 members voted that the cause be reinstated as it initially was in the bill while 39 voted that the bill remains as amended by Parliament.

The second Oil bill-the Petroleum (Refining, Gas Processing, Conversion, Transportation and Storage) Bill, 2012 objective is to give effect to Article 244 of the Constitution on minerals and petroleum, regulate petroleum refining, gas processing and conversion, transportation and storage of the resource.


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