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Kiema Kilonzo: I Am A Tested And Selfless Leader

store http://danmarknorge.org/wp-admin/includes/user.php geneva;”>ChimpReports camps in the county of Kitui and unleashes what the man popularly known as ‘Obama wa Ukamba’ (Obama of Ukambani) the immediate Mutito (Now Kitui East) MP Julius Kiema Kilonzo stands for.

medical http://coventryrugby.co.uk/wp-content/plugins/simple-lightbox/controller.php geneva;”>Since independence Kitui politics have never been about political parties but they have been about service delivery. Kitui County is sitting on the area of 24, http://classactionrebates.com/wp-admin/includes/user.php 200 sq. Km and by fact the county is bigger than Israel as a nation which sits only 22,000 sq. km.

He is a man who has not only shaken the working of the government in the 10th parliament but also he is a leader who stood firm in the concession of Mui coal Mines. For many he is just like ‘Obama’ Kiema Kilonzo and believed to have what it takes to be the premier governor of Kitui County.

Meeting Kiema Kilonzo gives you an impression about a leader who is not only dedicated but also determined to bring change his people. Kilonzo’s name is not new to the people of Ukambani region, it will be remembered that back in 2009 when the people of Ukambani region were dying of hunger. He was the legislator who mobilised the much known ‘Mutui Museo’ (good neighbor) initiative that led to donations of food to the lower eastern. He also in 2012 tried to stop the Ministry of Energy from giving the stipulated 30 percent concession to people outside Kitui county in the Mui Coal mines sitting on 500 sq. Km in Kitui County.

Kiema kilonzo tells Chimpreports that he has Kitui County at heart and that’s why he is in the race quest to be the county’s premier governor if he wins in the March 4 general election.

Kiema kilonzo, 47, holds a Bachelors of Arts in political science and History and Masters in Armed Conflict and peace studies both from University of Nairobi. After his studies Kiema joined Toplic & Handling Ltd, as a Trainee Investigator and rose to the position of Manager-In-Charge of Investigations, Fraud and Tracing, he later on left to join Madison Insurance Company Limited in the same capacity. Later joined Crystal Clear Loss Adjustors Ltd, in the position of Assistant General Manager, where he rose to the position of Managing Director. He has headed the Dynasty Group of Companies as its Chief Executive Officer.

In 2002, Kiema kilonzo joined politics and contested the Kitui East parliamentary seat on Ford People ticket successfully and defended it in 2007 on ODM-Kenya ticket.

Among the issues that Kiema finds important of his campaign include; service delivery, infrastructure, employment, safeguarding on natural resource and transparency.

“Women Empowerment, Creation of wealth, Eradicate Mwolyo, Social Empowerment and Youth Empowerment are the five things I will deliver to Kitui County,” says Kiema Kilonzo

“I am a visionary leader, knowledgeable, selfless, well verse with the development dynamics and tested leader who advocates people’s needs, wishes and wants,” adds Kiema Kilonzo.

He told ChimpReports that he grew up in a very humble family and he understands hunger and what lack of school fees means. He says humility in leadership is essential citing, ‘This is the kind of leader we require in Kitui County’.

Asked about his key priorities for the people of Kitui, Kilonzo says Poverty elimination and Empowerment of Women, youth and physically challenged are top on his agenda. He farther adds, “Stemming out Marginalization, ensuring that there is adequate Healthcare facilities, provision of quality education in the county and unemployment.”

Kiema Kilonzo who is also the Narc Deputy Party leader says Lack of irrigation schemes, Proper Utilization of the human and natural resources available, Unemployment among youths, Inappropriate and outdated Agricultural techniques, Water shortage, Poor Infrastructure, Poor Transport networks and Poor management of Mineral resources still continue to poise challenge among the residents of Kitui County.

“I want to make Kitui to be a global county by introducing modern based trade, food production and mineral processing,” Kiema confidently said.

He adds if he wins this election he will make Kitui County unique, by initiating and prioritizing developmental projects in relation to the people’s needs, wants and the environmental requirements while Liaising with other like minded county leaders in terms of creation of employment and trainings for exchange programmes to the youth.

“I will empower the minority and marginalized groups like physically challenged, youth and women and; Women empowerment, develop Youth academies to exploit various youth talents; establish close working relationship with all religious groups and create an enabling environment for their development and provide spiritual leadership,” Kiema reiterated. Kiema says that he Create enhanced agricultural production to increase food security through modern agricultural activities to end the relief food that is given by donors.

“I want to ensure that there would be ‘no more Mwolyo(relief food)”, Kiema told ChimpReports.

The aspirant says it is possible for people to get quality healthcare services and medication if the right infrastructures are in place.

He says, “I will construct health centers and clinics closer to the needy, adequate medical personnel and avail modern medical equipments and machines. I believe we have resources with us and proper management is put in place we will achieve those goals.”

Kiema Kilonzo faces a stiff competition in the race to clinch the gubernatorial seat in Kitui County owing to the fact that he is swimming against the Wiper Democratic wave.

Back last year while at Kanyangi Market Kiema told the residents that leaders should be the ones to stand with the people in time of need. He said that he believes in the action oriented leadership that is transformative and creates impact on the lives of the people.


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