Clergy Calls For Restraint Ahead Of Kenya Elections

web web geneva; font-size: small;”>The pope reiterated that elections come and go and the country remains.

Speaking after the coronation of David Nzioka Kitili as the Bishop of Machakos diocese, Ochieng’ urged the clergy to join hands and preach peace to all Kenyans in spite of the denominational differences that exist.

The ceremony was held at Bishop David Nzioka Kitili’s Home in Manza village, Machakos County.

“I coronate you to be a leader of Christians not only the Legion Maria faithful and I urge you to be a promoter of peace and unity among the God’s children that you were called to serve,” said Pope Titus Ochieng’.

The pope said that the clergy should hold neutral positions and not support a certain political divide owing to the fact that they serve all people of the political allegiances.

“When in office, be a father of all, if Ngilu comes here and seeks your blessings, bless her, do not hesitate to do so,” the Pope said while addressing hundreds of congregation.

Bishop David Kitili will now head the church at Machakos after being officially coroneted by the Church’s Holy Father Pope Titus Kitili.

Speaking at the same venue, Bishop Kitili said Kenyans should shun divisive politics and embrace peace.

He said that he began his spiritual journey in 1968 and thanked the organizers of the function which involved interdenominational attendance.

This comes at a time when Kenya is at crossroads after EU member states spoke tough about Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto being elected as to lead Kenya in the March 4.

France and Switzerland have maintained that they will stick to the EU policy of interaction with persons with Impending ICC cases.

The head of Civil Service, Francis Kimemia, said the government had written to the US government to seek clarification after US deputy secretary in charge of African Affairs John Carson warned Kenyans against facing undisclosed consequences if they elect jubilee government.

In his message president Obama said his government does not endorse any candidate and called upon all Kenyans to maintain peace in this electioneering period.

“This election can be another milestone toward a truly democratic Kenya defined by the rule of law and strong institutions. If you take that step, and reject a path of violence and division, then Kenya can move forward towards prosperity and opportunity that unleashes the extraordinary talents of your people – especially young people,” said Obama.

“If you continue to move forward, you can build a just Kenya that rejects corruption, and respects the rights and dignity of all Kenyans.”

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