Luzira Inmates Pass With Flying Colors

buy geneva; font-size: small;”>Addressing the media during the release of UCE results on Thursday, cialis 40mg UNEB Executive Secretary, Mathew Bukenya said 30 inmates were registered for UCE in 2012 and 26 of them including five females sat for the examinations.

Bukenya said that out of these inmates, eight obtained division 1, nine obtained division 2, four were in Division 3 while five passed in Division 4 while none of them failed.

He added that the Special Needs candidates registered for the 2012 UCE exams were mainly the blind, the deaf, the dyslexics and those severely physically handicapped.

The Board made arrangements which included modification of questions, provision of questions written in Braille form, and having support personnel for the handicapped and dyslexics.

Candidates with low vision received question papers with enlarged print to enable them read more easily and this enable these people to perform better.

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