EXCLUSIVE: Detectives Fear Nsenga “Murdered” By Assailants


seek geneva;”>According to Equator Region Police Spokesman, erectile Mr. Phillip Mukasa, pharm the station was robbed at around 3:00am on Thursday. He said the thieves used pick axles and cut down the roof of the office to get access to the safe where the money was being kept.

By the time police arrived at the fuel station, they found when the guard of this place one Alex Tugume was intoxicated. Police is still holding him for further investigations into the matter.

Mukasa said when these robbers are found, they will be charged for causing bodily harm to the station guard as well as robbery.

Mityana Police are also looking for the LC Chairperson for Kamuli Village in Mityana, Henry Ssebagala over a case of child neglect which resulted into the death of a two year old boy.
Mukasa said the mother of the deceased, dumped the body of the boy at Ssebagala’s home and disappeared but when Ssebagala learn t about the matter, he also decided to go into hiding.

“Cases of this nature have continued to happen in this region and the real cause of family and child neglect by most men in Mityana- Mubende is not yet known,” he added. He said that both parents when caught will be charged for child neglect resulting into death.
He advised the public to always consult or seek advice from the police unit of Family and Child Protection Unit in case of any problem.

dosage geneva;”>Nsenga, viagra 40mg a son to Kampala gold dealer, approved Donnat Kananura, was reportedly knocked dead by his wife Jackie Uwera Nsenga as she drove inside their family residence in Bugolobi last month.

According to relatives, Nsenga had come to open the gate when Jackie rammed into him with a Mark II brand car. Time check was 9:00pm.

The businessman was trapped under the car before his body was dragged on the pavers for 10 meters. His ribs were crushed and his brain poured on the ground.

Nsenga was pronounced dead at Paragon hospital in the leafy Kampala suburb six hours later.

However, sources knowledgeable about the case have told Chimpreports on condition of anonymity that detectives have cause to believe that Nsenga was “intentionally murdered” at the family residence’s gate by unknown assailants.

“Our investigations point to the fact that Nsenga was killed by some strange people. We doubt the authenticity of the accident version; it does not really add up,” a source revealed.

“You will soon hear arrests of individuals we suspect to have been behind this plot. We are now following clues of murder,” the source said, adding, “This is why we have the deceased’s wife in custody because we suspect she is not telling the truth.”

The January 10 incident shocked the nation.

A day after the accident, Nsenga’s relatives pointed a finger at Jackie for having intentionally killed her husband.

According to deputy police spokesperson, Vincent Ssekate, detectives later established that, after the incident, Jackie’s relatives procured accommodation for her in the Naguru area of Kampala.

Later on, Jackie returned to her home, from where she was eventually arrested last week and detained at Jinja road Police Station before being transferred to Special Investigations Unit (SIU) in Kireka. By Thursday afternoon, Jackie was still at Kireka.

Ssekate told Chimpreports that Jackie was detained “because the investigation had reached the stage where it was necessary to have the suspect in custody, to deepen investigations, and also for the suspect to assist the Police with the investigation.”

Deputy CID Commandant Geoffrey Musana has been handling the investigations into Nsenga’s death.


Jackie publicly confessed causing the death of her husband during a requiem mass at Christ the King Church in Kampala on January 14.

However, the mother of the deceased city businessman’s two kids denied reports she had any intentions of killing her husband.

“It’s very difficult for some of you to believe that it was an accident,” she sobbed as the entire church broke down in grief.

“Only God who sees where no man can see knows I could never murder the father of my kids.”

The grief struck widow told mourners that planning to murder Nsenga in cold blood was “impossible.”

As tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably, Jackie said: “I will live to carry the cross of killing my husband.”

Jackie requested her kids Jade and Jermaine to forgive her for inadvertently killing their father.

“Please forgive me. Find a place in your heart to forgive me, this was an accident,” she urged.

“I have been in marriage with Nsenga for 18 years which God blessed with two kids. I could not think of a life without Juvenal.”

We recently reported that Police had failed to make strides in investigating the matter after the deceased’s influential father, Donnat Kananura, exonerated the widow from any wrongdoing.

Kananura further requested Police to halt investigations into Juvenal’s death, saying he wanted the widow to raise the orphans.

“Jackie had no intentions of killing her husband. This accident where Juvenal was killed by his car, by his own wife and at his gate, was planned by God. I call for reconciliation. Let us forgive and forget,” Kananura told mourners at Christ the King Church.

Police speak out

Ssekate says on 10th of January, 2013, when the incident under investigation happened, the Gen Kayihura was out of the country.

The Police proceeded to handle the case as they would with all cases of similar nature.

“Statements were recorded from possible witnesses, the forensic experts analyzed the scene of incident and a Post Mortem examination carried out on the deceased,” he said.

Upon his return to the country, the IGP directed the Deputy Director of CID, Mr Geoffrey Musana, to personally take up the investigation, and to ensure that justice is done to all parties involved.

“In accordance with routine investigation procedures, and after the forensic experts completed their analysis, the investigators found it necessary to arrest and detain one of the persons involved, in order to deepen the investigations.”


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