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Oil Libya Fuel Station Robbed Shs 4Million

seek geneva;”>According to Equator Region Police Spokesman, erectile Mr. Phillip Mukasa, pharm the station was robbed at around 3:00am on Thursday. He said the thieves used pick axles and cut down the roof of the office to get access to the safe where the money was being kept.

By the time police arrived at the fuel station, they found when the guard of this place one Alex Tugume was intoxicated. Police is still holding him for further investigations into the matter.

Mukasa said when these robbers are found, they will be charged for causing bodily harm to the station guard as well as robbery.

Mityana Police are also looking for the LC Chairperson for Kamuli Village in Mityana, Henry Ssebagala over a case of child neglect which resulted into the death of a two year old boy.
Mukasa said the mother of the deceased, dumped the body of the boy at Ssebagala’s home and disappeared but when Ssebagala learn t about the matter, he also decided to go into hiding.

“Cases of this nature have continued to happen in this region and the real cause of family and child neglect by most men in Mityana- Mubende is not yet known,” he added. He said that both parents when caught will be charged for child neglect resulting into death.
He advised the public to always consult or seek advice from the police unit of Family and Child Protection Unit in case of any problem.


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