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Raila: Obama Spoke To Every Kenyan’s Heart


viagra 60mg http://cienciaaldia.com/wp-admin/includes/list-table.php geneva;”>Odinga was pleased to know that the USA President is following the campaigns in Kenya.

visit this site http://communique-de-presse-gratuit.com/wp-content/plugins/role-manager/role-manager.php geneva;”>In a statement sent to media houses in Kenya on Wednesday, prostate http://csnn.ca/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-ms-sites-list-table.php the PM said “Barrack Obama’s statement is the clearest testament that he does care deeply about Kenya’s future, not only because of his personal connection but because of Kenya’s unique importance to regional peace, stability and prosperity.”

The PM said the message was for the Kenyans to embrace diversity and shun tribal politics.

“Every word the President uttered, and every point he made, spoke to every Kenyan’s heart. All Kenyans want an end to violence and intimidation during this campaign period,” said Odinga.

The PM described the US as a friend of Kenya who continued to support Kenya during and after the disputed elections in 2007/8. “Every one of those achievements was made possible by the strong international support, led inevitably by the United States, for the reforms Kenyans agreed to undertake in our Kofi Annan-mediated Peace Accord,” he added.

He expressed confidence in his coalition bringing together over 24 political parties which he co-heads together with the vice president Kalonzo Musyoka and Trade Minister Moses Wetangula in the implementation of the 2010 constitutions.

“These reforms are indispensable to a peaceful and prosperous Kenya. Kenyans know that their full implementation will only be possible under a CORD government,” re-affirmed Odinga.

He said that his coalition was committed in respecting the outcome of the March 4 general ‘as expressed in a free and fair election.’

Odinga lamented that a number of radio stations were switched off by the communications commission of Kenya CCK. “We have seen recently that a number of radio transmitters of Royal Media were closed down arbitrarily. Officials of other powerful institutions are also trying to limit discussion and debate about crucial issues that lie at the root of widespread discontent among Kenyans in all regions.”

The prime Minister is the second presidential candidate to acknowledge the message of the US president Barrack Obama.

In his message President Obama said that of who shall lead Kenya lies in the hands of Kenyan people. He however said this coming election shall be a litmus test of stability of the region.

“This election can be another milestone toward a truly democratic Kenya defined by the rule of law and strong institutions. If you take that step, and reject a path of violence and division, then Kenya can move forward towards prosperity and opportunity that unleashes the extraordinary talents of your people – especially young people. If you continue to move forward, you can build a just Kenya that rejects corruption, and respects the rights and dignity of all Kenyans, “Obama said.

Kenya elects the 4th president on March 4 to succeed Mwai Kibaki who may retire by March 26.


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