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Kenya: Proposed Remunerations Structure Cuts MP’s Salaries

this site http://cheapcouriercomparison.com.au/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/random-redirect.php geneva;”>MPs and Senators will be earning the same amount of money and the President less than what he earns now.

The structure has increased the salaries of the County representatives to kshs118, 000 from a minimum of kshs30, 000 they were earning in the previous years.

The President of the Republic of Kenya will take home kshs1.3 million (ugsh39 million) as opposed to kshs2.4 million (ugsh78 million) he is currently earning and loosing 46%. However, the highest amount the president can earn is Sh1.7 million and that is if he serves more than one term while his deputy takes home a minimum pay of kSh1.1 million down from Sh1.8 hence setting maximum pay for a Deputy President at kSh1.4 million.

Senators who will sit at the newly created Chamber of parliament will earn the same as those from the National assembly despite their size of the area they represent in senate. MPs will now earn kshs555,696 down from kSh851,000 they were earning before. The commission has however set the maximum pay at kShs740,927. Chairmen Salaries and Remuneration Commission, National Land Commission, National Police Service, Commission on Gender and Equality shall earn the same Members of Parliament and Senate.

The Speaker of the National Assembly will earn a basic pay of kSh1.05 Million higher than his Senate counterpart who will earn kSh1.03 million.

The President of the supreme court will take home same pay as the speaker of senate kSh1.03 Million as governor who people had anticipated to earn less than senator earning higher amount (kSh833,755).

Among the changes made the County representatives who previously served under the Municipal council will now be paid by the state coffers.

Other state officers salaries include the Inspector General of police (kshs690,253) the same amount a judge of court of appeal shall earn, His 2 deputies (kshs562,500) each, the Chief of the defense forces CDF (kshs840,000) the same as that of a Cabinet secretary who replaces the minister.

Principal secretary who take up the position currently held by the Permanent secretaries shall be paid kshs682,196 while attorney general shall earn kshs821,264 slightly below the deputy chief justice who takes home kshs824,387 below the governor and the deputy speaker of both houses.

IEBC chairman, Chairman constitution implementation commission CIC, Judge of the supreme court and auditor general shall earn kshs811,896

While their deputies shall earn (controller of budget, Vice chair IEBC and Vice chair CIC) kshs671,453.

However, the commanders of the Military shall earn differently with Kenya Army taking home kshs692,939 , Kenya Air force kshs676,510 and Kenya Navy kshs676,824 the same as the director of public prosecution.

Judge of the High court shall take home kshs 546,623 the same amount the Deputy Governor shall earn.

At county level the speaker of the county assembly shall take home kshs 212,625

State Officers include the President, Deputy President, Cabinet Secretary who replaces ministers, AG, MPs, Senators, Governors, Secretary to the cabinet, Chief Justice, Judges, Magistrates among others as defined in Article 260 of the Constitution.

Newly created constitutional offices and commissions such as IEBC, CIC, and Transition Authority have also been included in the new pay structure.

Members of the public have been invited to give their views on the proposed structure starting on Thursday.


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