EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Court Sets Date For Hearing Kalungi Manslaughter Case


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order geneva;”>Kalungi is yet to apply for bail but his co-accused go for it.

After scrutiny of the sureties’ identification particulars, Nambayo grants bail to four suspects. The fifth, Khan Babu, is urged to get a second surety. He had provided one.

Nambayo orders each suspect to pay Shs10 million cash for bail, hand over to court a land title in their names and passports.

The suspects listen to court proceedings

Court sets February 20 for mentioning and March 5 for the hearing of a case in which Kalungi is accused of manslaughter and unlawful possession of narcotic drugs.

8:30am: The trial of Adam Kalungi, the prime suspect in the mysterious death of Butaleja Woman MP Cerinah Nebanda, resumes Tuesday at Makindye Court, Kampala.

The suspects are led back to the prison van

Trial Magistrate Esther Nambayo on January 16 dismissed the charges of supplying and dispensing narcotic drugs leveled against Kalungi.

Prosecution had earlier alleged Kalungi and five others possessed illicit drugs which killed Nebanda in December 2012.

Court granted bail to Kalungi’s co-accused

The charges were struck off the charge sheet after prosecution fell short of providing detailed information on where, when and how the drugs were supplied.

Nambayo agreed with Kalungi’s lawyers, MacDusman Kabega and Yunus Kasirivu, the charge sheet does not clearly indicate who received the illicit drugs and their specifics.

“They charged them with supplying and dispensing restricted drugs but the name of drugs supplied is not mentioned, the date at which the case was committed is not clearly stated since they refer to the period between September and December 2012 and the person to whom the drugs was supplied is not mentioned so it’s hard to know where the case was committed since there was no recipient,” observed Kabega.

One of the suspects covers her face from cameras

This implies Kalungi will only defend himself against charges of manslaughter and unlawful possession of narcotic drugs.

Represented by senior lawyer Geoffrey Kandeebe, Kalungi has been hesitant in applying for bail in fear of being re-arrested.

One of the suspects covers her face from cameras

Government says Nebanda was pronounced dead at Mukwaya General Hospital in Kampala after taking drug overdose.

Speaking at the NRM retreat in Kyankwanzi in January, President Yoweri Museveni, for the first time, revealed that Nebanda started taking drugs in May 2012 after being convinced they help in “cutting weight.”

Kalungi denies having caused Nebanda’s death

“It is a good idea to avoid bad groups. I have been informed that the boyfriend of our daughter Nebanda said she started taking drugs last year in May,” said Museveni.

“That initially it was to cut weight. That she was travelling on a plane then someone advised her that drugs cut weight. That later she discovered it gives her a lot of confidence,” observed the President.

He added: “Please young people, avoid bad groups. Now, why did we lose that girl? Bad groups.”


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