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Girls Gang Raped At Gunpoint In Entebbe


capsule geneva;”>The Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, recipe Ibin Idi Ssenkumbi said the two girls reported to police they had been raped by a gang of men after buying them drinks in the bar where they had gone to have fun.

“When the two girls left the drinking place in Entebbe; they were put into two different cars which drove them to different places,” elaborated Ssenkumbi.

“One was taken to Katabi forest were she was raped at gunpoint by more than two men and the other was driven to a certain house in Kitara were she was raped on a knife point.”

He however said the two girls were able to recognize the registration of the suspects’ car numbers as UAN 559B and UAR 235L.

“Police followed up this clue before apprehending the suspects.”

Eddie Ntambara and Tiffa Ngabirano are now detained at Entebbe police station where they are being grilled by detectives.

“Police would like to warn all the girls and women to take precautions when they go to bars to have fun and to also avoid enjoying men’s money and drinks when they do not know their intentions,” cautioned Ssenkumbi.

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