EXCLUSIVE: 3 Top Detectives Fired As Kazinda Cash Shakes CIID

information pills geneva;”>Impeccable intelligence sources say detectives who have been pushing for the conviction of interdicted Principal Accountant in the Office of Prime Minister (OPM), buy information pills Godfrey Kazinda, recipe in the case of swindling billions of taxpayers’ money, have been fired.

According to a police message signed by deputy Inspector General of Police Okoth-Ochola on January 31, ASPs Patrick Tusiime Bamanyindo, Robert Ojaba and Frank Kyahurwa have been “reverted” to “general uniform” and sent to the Professional Standards Unit (PSU) of Police for investigation.

They will also be required to report to Human Resource department pending deployment.

Intelligence indicates the sacking of the detectives could have been meant to frustrate the trial and conviction of Kazinda who is charged with plundering over Shs30bn from the OPM.

Prosecution alleges Kazinda last year connived with officials from Bank of Uganda and Finance Ministry to steal the donor-support funds earmarked for development projects in Northern Uganda.

Kazinda reportedly forged letters of OPM Permanent Secretary, Pius Bigirimana to facilitate the transfer of the money from Bank of Uganda.

However, Kazinda has been feigning sickness to evade the long arm of the law.

Chimpreports understands that Bamanyindo has since been the lead investigator since the OPM scandal broke late 2012.

“Those who were so knowledgeable about the case and had secured a mountain of evidence implicating Kazinda have been fired and replaced with amateurs. We really don’t know what is going on here at CIID. There is a lot of bribery talk, intrigue, backstabbing – everything is a mess,” a source told us during the weekend.

“You cannot trust anyone, even your boss because of some external forces.”

Interestingly, the firing of the investigators comes against the backdrop of the arrest of a detective identified as David Orone, who was in possession of Shs20m after reportedly giving Shs30m to some of his colleagues to divert the course of OPM investigation with the view to favour Kazinda.

Orone was picked by a team of counter intelligence personnel deployed by IGP Kale Kayihura at the Anti Corruption Court in Kampala in early December, 2012.

Kayihura had deployed intelligence to “monitor the conduct of detectives handling the OPM case, especially their relations with Kazinda’s lawyers.”

A source said Orone, who had arrived in a private car and in possession of a huge envelope containing documents, was seen sneaking into one of Kazinda’s lawyers’ car.

Inside the car, Orone was photographed by intelligence while receiving another envelope, before quickly disembarking.

Moments later, Orone jumped into another car where he is believed to have given one of the occupants (a cop) a share of the loot.

As Orone was planning to leave the Court premises, his car was intercepted by Kayihura’s intelligence. Upon arrest, Orone, was found in possession of new Shs50, 000 notes amounting to Shs20m.

He was quickly detained and fired from the team of detectives investigating the OPM plunder.

The drama involving Orone, coupled with the firing of the three detectives raise questions about the institution’s integrity in handling high profile corruption cases involving billions of tax payers’ money.

The incidents further raise fears that Kazinda could be using his powerful allies in CIID to evade the long arm of the law.

This could be possible if the evidence implicating Kazinda is messed up to favour him during the trial.


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